Blush Professional - 6 Colour Contour/Blusher Pallete

Blush Professional - 6 Colour Contour/Blusher Pallete

Palette of matte and glossy finish. Illuminator, bronzer / blush and contour.

It Contains: 6 colors of 6.3 cm. in diameter.

Dimensions: 23.5 cm. x 16 cm. x 1.6 cm.


How to apply:
White: to illuminate areas of the face.

Salmon and Beige clear: to remove the shine from skin and matching the tone.

Brown to darken and contour. Mixed with pink can also be used as a bronzer.

Raspberry pink: to use as blush, pink tones giving a natural and healthy.

Rosa: to use as blush, that favors all skin tones and gives a healthy look. 


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