Dermacol - UltraTech Mascara

Máscara para conseguir unas pestañas más largas.

Dermacol - UltraTech Mascara 

The Ultra Tech mascara perfectly defines and lengthens your eyelashes. Its ultra-thin brush covers the eyelashes from the roots to the ends. It captures one eyelash after another and perfectly separates them. The short bristles enable precise application so that your eyelashes seem thicker and more voluminous. The texture was developed specially for this applicator to help you achieve eyelash lengthening and contouring without caking or smudging. You are only a few strokes away from ultra-eyelashes.

  • Ultra-flexible brush 
  • Special texture 
  • Easy application 
  • Does not cake 
  • Does not smudge

Cruelty free - parabens free.

UseLet the brush slowly slide 3 to 4 times from the roots to the ends.


Data sheet

Indicado para
Piel grasa/mixta
Piel normal
Piel seca
Otros Datos
Sin parabenos

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