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Showing 49-61 of 61 item(s)

Taking care of your hair with Be Natural

Be Natural is a brand of products specialized in hair care. Its wide range of options focuses on the conservation of the natural properties of the skin, promoting the innate value of healthy hair. Its variety in products and treatments addresses the needs of the hair including options to also achieve a high quality Brazilian straightening.

Its product ranges reinforce different hair characteristics according to your needs and tastes. Therefore, Be Natural placenta life products make their versatility and specialization their best asset. After a brief study of your quality and type of hair you can choose the variety of Be Natural most suitable for your hair, and with it balance its use to get a shiny, healthy and silky hair.

Brazilian straightening keratimask

Placenta life Be Natural offers you an excellent solution to achieve a quality Brazilian smoothing following the brand's prefects. The minimum aggression to the hair and the nutrition in the best degree so that the hair maintains an enviable aspect.

The Keratimask formula creates a moisture barrier that protects the hair and prevents frizz thanks to the effect of hyaluronic acid that increases smoothing by up to 25%. Definitely an effective and healthy formula to keep your hair smooth, soft and silky.

Blueberry Silver Products

The range of shampoo and conditioner Silver Blueberry from Be Natural placenta life is indicated for discolored or platinum hair. Thanks to cranberry oil, this product balances yellow tones in lighter hair. Its bluish tonalities thus manage to highlight the silver and gray tones making the hair stand out with its more vivid tones. Combine the shampoo with the conditioner to achieve a more intense and remarkable effect.

Hydra Macadamia

This range of Be Natural products focuses on hydration, providing deep hydration from roots to ends in our hair. Formulated with macadamia oil, it is especially suitable for dry hair since it deeply moisturizes the hair fiber and results in stronger and healthier hair. Its complete set of shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, mask and antifritz detangler make up an unrepeatable equipment with which to get your hair ready, healthy and with its optimum degree of natural hydration.

Lisso Keratin

Lisso Keratina seeks to prepare your hair in the best way for a lasting and silky straightening. Its high component in keratin gives the hair a reinforcement in its structure that strengthens the fibers one by one causing a general feeling of strength and hydration typical of healthy hair. The use of Lisso keratin shampoo helps to promote and maintain silky and straight hair to make styling easier than ever. The Antifrizz effect also prevents frizz in a completely natural way.

Nutri Quinoa

This set of products bet on the natural. Completely cruelty free, it is recommended for hair punished or subjected to stressful processes for hair such as dyes or discolorations. Its use reconstructs damaged fibers thanks to Quinoa and the multivitamin process that contributes to the hair as a whole. An alternative for those who seek intense nutrition and strengthen their hair whether it is healthy or repairing it in cases of damaged hair.

Repair Argan

Be Natural's extensive range of products with Argan oil focuses on complete hair repair due to its variety that attacks damaged or damaged fibers from all points. Apart from the Argan product set, you can also get smoothing, repair and muting packs based on this effective product.

Vital Placenta

Be Natural placenta life offers you a complete product with Vital Placenta. A range of products for your hair that reinforces the fibers avoiding the fall. If your hair has a tendency to fall it is essential to revitalize it so that time runs in your favor. Thanks to its formulation with the essence of vegetable placenta you can strengthen your hair from the roots to the ends with one of the star products of the Be Natural brand.