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Showing 1-5 of 5 item(s)

Salerm: quality Spanish products in Maquilleo

The Salerm Cosmetics company began its journey in the world of comsmetics in the late 70s. The brand began as a small family coloring company . Over the years, they decided to start their work, from a town of Burgos to Barcelona. There they were forged and became the company they are today. With the passage of time and the experience behind Salerm Cosmetics, they created their Lamarvi laboratory to be the reference point for the development and research of their new products.

Salerm 21: the product that made the difference

In Maquilleo we offer our clients the range of Salerm Cosmetics star products, Salerm 21. All these hair product lines are aimed at the recovery treatment for battered and dehydrated hair such as Salerm Silk Protein shampoo. We also have in our stock the Salerm 21 conditioner .

A combination of the shampoo with the conditioner results in the complete hydration that your hair needs. As a differentiating point for a complete treatment, it is recommended by experts to clarify the entire process with the Salerm 21 Express mask . In addition, its application makes your hair look brighter and with a softer touch. To finish the product kit, the Salerm 21 Finish will bring the final touch of shine to your hair. In addition, its application is simple and fast.

In Maquilleo we trust company that offers quality products for all budgets. That they get the desired finishes and that they bring health to your hair.   Salerm 21 manufacture regenerating products for your hair with the best ingredients and without damaging your scalp.