List of products by brand Body Fantasies



Refresh your skin with Body Fantasies body fragrances

Body Fantasies is a brand of body fragrances created and developed by professionals in the world of cosmetics and perfumes. These products can be found in Maquilleo since they are accessible for any pocket, quality and whose main function is to express what you mean a woman with its aroma.

These products that we offer in Maquilleo are ideal for your day to day, to incorporate them into your daily routine that can even replace the colony. Many times, body fragrances are used in summer or to go to the gym and can even be your secret when using it on the sheets.

Body fragrances are characterized by having a long duration, especially if applied on wet skin. It can also be used as a complement to your colony. It is a perfect product if you like to renew your aroma during the day and thus refresh your skin.

How many aromas are in the Body Fantasies fragrances?

The aromas of the Body Famnbtasies fragrances that we have in Maquilleo are diverse. There is no exact aroma since they are always composed of different aromatic notes. This brand of body fragrances offers products with fresh, floral, oriental and sweet aromas to the market.

Depending on your tastes you can choose the aroma of your body spray from: vanilla, sweet cotton, grapefruit or even the Body Spray Kissing in the rain !

Educate your nose: these are the three phases of a good fragrance

First impression

The first smell you notice when you spray yourself with the Body Fantasies body fragrance. It is characterized by noticing the high marks of the first spray. They are usually fresh and fruity aromas and usually evaporate quickly.

Second aromatic notes

When the first aromas of the first impression of your Body Fantasies fragrance disappears, other top notes with a main body emerge, that is, the aroma with more body that your product has. These aromatic notes persist over time.

Latest impressions

In the third phase of the aromatic notes of your body fragrance are the latest impressions. In this third and final phase, the aroma is composed of richer, stronger and deeper notes leaving an even more lasting sensation than those of the second phase.