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Showing 1-12 of 12 item(s)

Buy Acnemy, your acne treatment

Buying Acnemy can be the first step in starting your acne treatment.

Are you tired of those pimples on your face and body that keep you from enjoying yourself?

Acnemy has the solution, we'll tell you about it.

What is Acnemy? We tell you why buy Acnemy.

Acnemy is the perfect treatment to fight acne. For all skin types and with the claim "Acne is normal. Be real to succeed", this fresh and youthful brand claims the normalisation of skin with acne and its treatment, preventing the problem from extending to emotional areas.

Acnemy is recommended for mild cases of juvenile acne, and in more serious cases of acne outbreaks, it is recommended to see a dermatologist for appropriate treatment.

In addition, when you buy Acnemy you are guaranteed to buy products free of parabens, sulphates and fragrances, committed to society, all their products are vegan, cruelty free and gluten free.

Acnemy Products

Acnemy has a wide range of products, which, thanks to their technology and their healing and sebum-regulating ingredients, manage to control the appearance of pimples and blackheads, helping to reduce and eliminate them.

Buy Acnemy creams

Acnemy Zitcontrol - Treatment for acne-prone skin is an acne-fighting cream formula based on salicylic acid, zinc PCA, niacidamide and quora noniPRCF. Its function is to control the appearance of pimples and to reduce them.

It should be used once daily and at night when there is an active acne outbreak and only once at night when there is not.

It can be combined with Dryzit, Zitless and Postzit.

Acnemy Zitcontrol SPF50 protects you from the sun while helping to fight acne. It has UVA and UVB protection, and should be applied as the last step of your daytime facial routine.

Buy Acnemy serums

Your Acnemy routine should definitely include Poszit, a post-pimple mark-correcting serum.

This Acnemy serum can be combined with Zitcontrol and is recommended for use after Zitclean and before Zitcontrol.

It has a glycolic acid base that helps to minimise the hyperpigmentation of the skin that remains after a pimple, improves skin texture and evens skin tone.

It also contains salicylic acid and quora noni in case there is a pimple or other incipient pimple.

Buy Acnemy drying lotion

To dry out blackheads and pimples, Acnemy offers:

Acnemy Zitback acne body spray is an oil-free, pimple-drying spray based on BHA and AHA acids to dry out pimples. 

It also contains a natural exfoliant based on lemon water.

Can be used daily, if used on sun-exposed areas, remember to use sunscreen!

Acnemy Zitcontrol also has a drying function and, as mentioned above, protects from the sun while helping to combat acne. It has UVA and UVB protection, and should be applied as the last step of your daytime facial routine.

Buy Acnemy patches

Acnemy Zitless pimple patch is the quick solution for treating internal pimples, and can be combined with Dryzit, which is suitable for pimples with pus.

Acnemy Zitless patches are composed of 24 microdards with retinol, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, niacidamide and olipeptide-76.

Leave on for at least 2 hours and your pimple will disappear.

Acnemy Acne Routine 

We've already introduced you to Acnemy's wonderful products, now it's time to take action!

To be successful in an anti-acne treatment, it's important firstly to be consistent, and secondly, to follow the steps below! There are no more excuses to enjoy pimple-free skin!

Step 1: Cleansing with Acnemy

Cleansing your skin is essential, regardless of whether it is acne-prone or not.

With Zitclean, Acnemy's purifying cleansing gel, you are guaranteed an oil-free, purifying and non-comedogenic cleanser in the morning and at night.

Thanks to Acnemy's Zitclean cleansing gel, you will prevent the appearance of more pimples and gradually dry out the ones you have.

It is important to continue using this gel once the treatment is finished.

Step 2: The serum

Postzit's post-pimple spot corrector serum is the next step.

Apply it to the red marks left by the most virulent pimples and thanks to its glycolic acid base you can forget about marks.

Step 3: Pimple control cream.

The second main pillar of the treatment, apart from the cleansing gel, is Zitcontrol, the pimple control cream, which also reduces pimples and prevents them from appearing.

It should be applied both day and night, until after 15 days, when the outbreak is no longer active, it will be reduced to once a night to help prevent pimples and outbreaks.

Step 4: Put the spotlight on pimple by pimple.

With Acnemy Dryzit drying lotion for pus pimples and Acnemy Zitless patches for internal pimples, we can prevent and eliminate the most annoying pimples. 

These should be used just after the cleanser and without combining them with any other product in the routine, if you use these, forget step 2 and 3!

Results in 15 days. If you don't see any improvement, we recommend that you see your dermatologist.

Acnemy Packs and Kits, the solution for the smallest complication

Zitkit Summer edition

If you are looking to have all your Acnemy treatment in a convenient vanity case, Zitkit Summer Edition is the perfect solution.


Zitclean 150ml

Zitcontrol 40ml

Dryzit 30ml

Zitcontrol SPF50 40ml

Still thinking about it? Buy your Zitkit Summer Edition now.

Zitminis acne-prone skin kit

The ultimate Acnemy kit is here, the Acnemy Zitminis kit contains:

Zitclean cleansing gel 60ml

Postzit post pimple mark correcting serum 10ml

Zitcontrol treatment 10ml

Dryzit drying lotion 

Acnemy Zitless patches

You can buy your Zitminis of Acnemy in Maquilleo now!