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Vipera Cosmetics in Maquilleo

Here are some of the products Vipera Cosmetics that you can find in first Maquilleo.

Makeup Base

Vipera Photo model is the base of makeup most famous of this wonderful brand and has been tested in sessions professional models.

A flux-texture Cashmere covers perfectly the imperfections of the skin gently smoothes the small wrinkles and expression lines with its creamy microparticles of silicone 3D. Leaving the skin glowing. A single drop is enough to cover the entire face. One of the most distinctive features is its perfect blend with the tone of your skin and, as a result, a perfect complexion.


You have two formats in the braces Vipera depending on your tastes and needs:


These editors Vipera cover perfectly small imperfections of the skin. “Sunny” the darkest shade of the range is designed to redefine the facial features, as well as to minimize the jowls, re-stylize the nose or refine the faces round thanks to the shading, and the optical effect.

To hide imperfections of the skin, choose a shade lighter than the skin. Apply with the tips of the fingers because the natural heat of the skin helps the concealer to be distributed easily and evenly.


These liquid concealers Vipera bring consistency and blend perfectly with the tone of your skin to limit the appearance of small wrinkles and expression lines - Moisturize and enhance elasticity of skin and protect it from oxidation and external agents.

Enriched with vitamin E and C.


Ikebana is the eye pencil of Vipera that extends, modifies, and adds depth to your look.

This eye pencil with agents, natural minerals and natural pigments, is perfect for the lines more accurate. Provide excellent slip and are long lasting. Have anti-free radical and moisturizing. Agents natural minerals get a result very soft that you can apply even in the inner areas of the eye. Add color of the best quality.

Fixator of makeup

Vipera Fixative is a spray fixative, makeup, without perfume and hypoallergenic. For all the situations in which you need to make sure that your makeup remains fixed for many hours without touch-ups. It is now possible thanks to this product sweat-proof and humidity and resistant to rubbing.

Illuminator in pearl

A combination of amber, beige satin and pinks enhance the brightness of the skin and improve the tone. Your skin is radiant and the expression lines are diminished. Specifically formulated to improve the transparency skin and the color of the set of your makeup. The pearl illuminators Vipera transformed magically your skin to give it a touch of super feminine and fresh.


You get a total volume for a eyelashes more dense and long. The natural bristles of the mascara spider Vipera allow lifting the lashes one by one. If you have the tabs shorter so yours is the mask flexible Paramount. Pigments ultranegros create eyes perfectly defined. All the masks of tabs Vipera guarantee an effect flawless and durable.


With a light shimmer, this revolutionary eye shadow combines the minerals of highest clarity, with pigments in powder, ultra-fine. A sensuous combination of shimmering pearl and pseudo-transparent colors, mixed with a tone of light for a glow luminescent irresistible. You can apply it on dry skin or with a fixative liquid, over the entire eye lid or to create an effect delineated.

Lip liner

Prevents your lipstick out of the lip with these profilers Vipera with natural components. Enhances the natural beauty of your lips with the contour perfect, and the redefinition of the whole set.


The lipstick elite of Vipera does not dry out the skin and give a matte finish and is velvety highly pigmented. A delicate texture enriched allows a application easy and uniform. Opacity and intense color in this product is enriched with natural waxes and oils of natural origin.

The lipstick Just Lips to create lips radiant and complete. The perfect balance of ingredients and minerals and vegetables keeps your lips hydrated throughout the day. A range of vibrant colors very stylish that you can use both in a gala dinner as in day-to-day.

Palettes Magnetic Play

Puzzle and Hamster offer you a wide range of customization in your makeup. Through individual products of products for both the day-to-day, and your nights more and more sophisticated.

Palettes of shadows magnetized to become very popular in the world of makeup. Allow you to choose the colors and products that you most like to swap them easily. Handy for when you finish a color or when you want to reorganize the range of colors for a night out.

It accentuates the features easy with a natural color and harmonious and highlight your beauty.

For the palettes magnetic, you have the blushes, pressed or Cream Blush in cream that give you a healthy looking and youthful with a subtle touch. Now adjust the color of lips that you prefer to the blush you have chosen to get a total look. Using a touch at the temples, the cheeks and the chin for a better definition of the face.

Blushers for the palette Magnetic Play Zone

Features of the blushes pressed

Your great ally. The blushers Vipera give your skin a delicate touch of color by highlighting your features and creating a velvety look on your face. Look healthier, younger and more beautiful with the blushes of Vipera.

Features of the blushers in cream

A mixture of pure colors radiant. The illuminators are glorious, satin, sensual, and long lasting. Apply sparingly to the cheeks on the tip of the nose, the temples and the jaw line ara to create a natural color for every woman. Customize your own palette of blushers and choose from blushers, pressed or cream depending on the finish you want to achieve.

Proofreaders for the palette Magnetic Play Zone

These braces are designed so that you can put in the palette Play Zone along with your other elected officials. These concealers allow you to mask flaws and get a perfect complexion perfectly adapted to the tone of your skin. The laboratory Vipera created this group of correctors accurate to get a complexion flawless. For best results glide over the skin

Lipstick to the palette Magnetic Play Zone

I could not miss. Of course you also have a great range of lipstick for your palette magnetic. Mix and match as you want and creates the perfect look according to the occasion.


Vipera Cosmetics is the new makeup brand in Maquilleo. This brand established in 1988 is considered one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of makeup products in Poland. The success of this enterprise based on the quality of its products and its ability to adapt to the needs of the market. The highly qualified team of employees of Vipera Cosmetics leads to raja table to its beginning.

“We consider the satisfaction of our customers something of paramount importance.”

This award-winning company boasts a team of more than 200 workers. The range of cosmetics Vipera is rich and varied and in constant evolution. In the process of production, imports its ingredients from leading companies around the world. The laboratory works in research and development of new products with the use of natural ingredients. Before entering the market the product is subjected to a careful analysis of the microbiological and physico-chemical content, PH, the presence of heavy metals and the stability, testing, dermatological, optometric, and application.

In the year 2000, this fantastic brand became the only manufacturer in the Polish cosmetics makeup to put in place a System of Quality Control ISO 9001. The system ensures excellence in all phases of design, production and marketing of the products of color and skin care.

After a successful growth in Poland, have expanded their reach outside the country and have come up Maquilleo to bring you the best makeup products online at the best prices.