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List of products by brand W7

There are 276 products.

Showing 1-24 of 276 item(s)
Showing 1-24 of 276 item(s)

W7 Cosmetics in Maquilleo

W7 is a great brand of makeup that takes ten years combining quality and price recently had a total remodel and is one of the marks of the fastest growing in the Uk and Ireland. We love it and we have finally managed to bring it to Maquilleo.

This magnificent brand was founded in 2002 as the inspiration of two young entrepreneurs from the west of London with the goal of all women to have access to a wide range of cosmetics of high quality at affordable prices, and go if you have achieved it. This brand is growing every year both in popularity and in sales and account already with more than 500 products and accessories.

Most of the products have a wide range of colors and finishes and most of them have a price below 5€. Is to go crazy. Features products to meet all your needs to be great from wonderful foundations makeup foundation, to the very famous palettes of shadows passing by all for your eyebrows, blushes creamy, illuminators, prebases of makeup, bronzer or a wide range of lipstick.

As you can see you have a large amount of products that demonstrate that W7 has been working hard to get provide you with many and very good allies of beauty in addition to the best price. Impossible to resist its charms.

Here you have a brief summary of the principal jewels which you'll find in the section W7 of Maquilleo.

Base Foundation W7 HD

We present the foundations foundation W7 HD. This makeup base has a light texture but great coverage and long-lasting. Is going to give you a wonderful finish semi-matte finish and comes in the format of a crystal with dispenser very hygienic and practical. Choose between five shades of this collection of makeup foundations that adapt perfectly to your skin.

W7 Brow Bar

If yours is looking about perfect eyebrows, you want to give depth to your look or you like to play with the makeup you'll love this handy makeup kit for eyebrows that W7 brings to you. It is perfect because it has everything you need to frame your look.

4 different colors so that they can adapt to any color of eyebrow and a light shade to illuminate.

3 templates of eyebrows to choose the style that you like

1 brush beveled

1 brush/ comb for eyebrows.



The blushes from W7 are famous for their texture and their delicious colors. All you're going to get a pigmentation very nice and it will keep your face perfectly for a long time.

You have four large families of blushers W7

Chunky cheeks

The pigmentation of these blushes you will love it comes in hues ranging from pink to peach. Have a texture very light, juicy, and pleasant, that stays all day on your cheeks. You will feel that you're not carrying anything from makeup with these beautiful tones that you can as a blush with a single application or as a blush more intense depending how you apply them.

Duo Blushers

These small combos will give your cheeks a beautiful blush pink or peach and a darker tone to define the parts you want to highlight in a subtle way. Remain immobile for long hours. You can use them separately or combine them to find mixes stunning.

Candy Blush

The W7 Candy Blush is a powder blush compact that will leave your skin with a wonderful flush of health. They will give you a good pigmentation but it's always subtle, and you'll be ready with a tap of the brush. They can give you a light base in the summer or a touch more marked when you need to.

Combos blush - Bronzers


Play with this blush bronzer to give you a different touch every day. Blend and enjoy this combo and get warm tones or a tan instantly. Creamy texture comes complete with brush flat and smooth.

Double Act

The texture of this combo is creamy and its two colors are Shimmers so not only do you get makeup for cheap of high quality but you also get two for one. With a flat brush and smooth. Wonderful.

Camouflage Kit

In this palette of concealers you have everything you need to get some eyes awake and well-rested at all times. You have five hues ranging from yellow to pink or lightly toasted so that you can mix them and get exactly the color tone of your skin. They are very creamy and very easy to implement. The palette comes with a flat brush so you can carry it with you at all times. They are perfect because they do not dry out or marked lines of expression.


Illuminator Face Night Glow

W7 wants to shine. Perfect for days and nights, this illuminator of the face is distributed evenly and it is easy to get a more dramatic effect and remarkable with the same product. It is a light cream pink with a hydrating formula and although in the bottle you see it too bright is going to give you a natural finish as it blends beautifully with your skin.

Palettes of Shadows

We arrived at one of the many star products of W7. The palettes of shades of this wonderful brand are a great well-known across the internet, and are compared with top brands such as Urban decay. These palettes contain 12 beautiful natural shades with a perfect blend of shades matte and shimmer perfect for both the day and night. The Internet is full of flattery towards them. Choose yours!

Lipstick W7

W7 brings you a great selection of lipsticks that you can choose from color, texture, finishes or formats. You will love them all. The good thing is that with these prices you do not have to resist you.

In Maquilleo you can do with the Full of Color as its name indicates, you are going to give a perfect coverage to fill your lip color with just a touch. You also have the Nudes that have nothing to envy to the big brands in terms of pigmentation, texture and softness are concerned. They are creamy and long-lasting. If what you like is that your lips are the treat your lipstick is the Butter Kiss, creamy, moisturizing and very easy to implement. And if you are from the red lips, you just have to choose the tone that you like, these colors are quite rare have a lot of class and a slight metallic finish. Or the Chunky Lips, the most comfortable and versatile as you are going to work on both the lips and eyes.

You will also find the best makeup primer from W7 which improves the duration of your makeup and minimizes pores, powders, bronzers of this summer or the eye shadows in format pencil that are soft, glide on easily and long lasting.

You just have to take a little time to make your selection and enjoy this wonderful new collection.