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Essie in Maquilleo shop makeup online cheap

Imagine that your passion turns into trend and it is materialized in a product that creates a true revolution. Well, so was born to Essie and this is what happened to its creator, Essie Weingarten, whose nail polishes have revolutionized the world of manicure and care of hands. Since its creation in 1981 until today, their glazes have been around the world and its exclusive colours have captivated the hands of many women. Quality and fashion united to give rise to a product of professional makeup accessible to all.

Enamels Essie, passion for color

Choose from over 90 colors is a fun game in which you have already fallen for various celebrities, and celebrities, as well as members of royalty. In fact, one of the first followers of the brand was the Queen Elizabeth II, who in 1989 sent a letter to Essie requesting Ballet Slippers. Also the brand gave color to the nails of the princess Catherine Middleton on the day of her wedding to prince William, the occasion for which the bride chose the color Allure.

Various publications have recognized the value of the products Essie, as Allure magazine, which described their colours as the best fingernail polishes on the market. To this distinction have been joined by many other media such as InStyle Magazine, Redbook, Women's Healthy & Fitness Magazine, CosmoGirl, etc


The square format of the glaze has become one of the hallmarks of the brand. They all have a formula for long-lasting, durable and leaves nails with a smooth texture. Your brush has the ideal format to allow an application to millimeter, and allows you to take advantage of all the product.

Manicure full

Do the cuticles will eat your nails? I Hidrátalas! With the Oil to cuticles with essence of apricot ablandarás the cuticles to make them easier to remove.

And if you want your enamel colors hold more time intact on your nails, use one COAT that we have in Maquilleo: quick-drying, choose!

And if you spend the raya with the enamel...quiet. In Maquilleo you can find a pencil concealer so that your manicure is of magazine.

Yes, it is true, enamels Essie are the least cheap of Maquilleo (Yet are much better price that in the majority of sites). Even so, these super enamels have millions of followers all over the world and for a reason.

If you've ever thought that Essie has a few high prices and don't know why, and you ask why someone would pay more money for a pot small enamel, you also have to take into account not only the color but also the time it lasts on your nails in perfect condition and does not jump or lost the color. But beyond that, once you understand the big differences between the enamels are cheaper and more expensive you'll be able to choose the one that you want. In Maquilleo always we're going to bring makeup cheap but of great quality so no matter which you choose, is perfect. Here are the main differences between Essie and the rest of any nail Polish.

1 Quality of the brush

Just like when you purchase makeup brushes, you want the bristles to be of quality at the time of paint nails. Essie brand here one of the main differences with the glazes of low quality. The better the brush the better you can apply the nail enamel and, therefore, better will be the result. You will see much more beautiful and will last more time. And that is something important right? Point one, surpassed Essie!

2 drying Time

In many cases, the nail Polish of poor quality is cakey and leaves a thicker layer on your hands, which means that it takes longer to dry. There are also enamels, expensive and of good quality that take a long time to dry, but in the low-quality insurance that happens to you and you have to leave aside everything you are doing for a little bit more time. Essie to dry quickly and evenly.

3 Color Quality

We've all had bottles of enamel cheap that have turned out to be a jewel and that last a lot in our nails and expensive that jump to a few days. Even so, it is a general rule that the bottles of enamel in the same price range as Essie have more pigment and better quality than most, so that is supposed to last longer than most. If you frequently change nail Polish, the cheaper they are the better option but if you want to last longer and with a more intense color it may be best to spend a little more. Worth.

4 The cheap can come out expensive

This is not our motto in Maquilleo as we bring you the makeup cheap of high quality and with great results. And although we repeat that any of the glazes that you can find on the web page are going to give you a great result Essie, with its higher price also is going to give you superior results. With the bottles of less quality paint will last less and so you're going to have to apply it more times, you'll be out before you and you'll have to buy another. With versions such as Essie, you're not going to have to repeat the manicure.

5 Consistency

When you like a color of nail Polish you want that always that you purchase give you the same result. Well, with the formulas more cheap or of low quality the combination of colors may be slightly different from one time to another. However the glaze as Essie do not change the formulas frequently, that means that if you like a color, provided that what you buy will be the same. And it is because we tested the formula many times before you launch it to the market.

6 Technical

Experts in the care of nails is recommended to start with a base coat, follow with two coats of the color you have chosen and then finish with the top layer or top coat. Skip one of these steps with Essie could make that won't last so long is going to last more. Even so, if you follow a good routine with a enamel cheap you will get prolong your life. Depends on the technique.

7 it Is possible not to notice

Despite the differences between expensive or cheap, some women say they can't tell the difference. As you say, any nail Polish that you find in Maquilleo is going to give you a great result, you only need to choose the one that works best with you. And that has no price.

We love Essie since I met you, because of its quality, its colour, its duration, and in general for everything that we have already commented. We hope you will too.