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Showing 1-17 of 17 item(s)

Batiste, best dry shampoo

If you're as busy as we are, it is almost sure that you do not wash and dry your hair every morning. After all, it is almost better, because as you know, the best option is to wash your hair only when necessary. That's why one of the best allies to have the hair always perfect is the dry shampoo.

It is one of the great names of dry shampoo and makes your hair look freshly washed. And also many beauty professionals consider it the best since it will not leave white residue.

The dry shampoo is the secret weapon original to give a fresh air to your hair between washes and allows you to get a quick, easy, and very comfortable. The dry Shampoo leaves your hair fresh and clean with more volume and body. It's perfect for that quick touch that we are always in a hurry, busy moms, visits to the gym, holidays, camping, sightseeing or simply to get that extra day between washes with a perfect finish.

Use and features

Batiste is a famous british brand in this type of shampoos and comes in the form of spray. The dry shampoo is a fast and convenient way of getting a hair with a soft smell, fresh and clean without water. Adds texture and body to style fast and easy.

Mode of Employment

Stir vigorously the pot and evenly sprayed on the hair. Massaged into the scalp with fingertips and leave to stand for a few minutes. Now is the time to brush, preferably with a natural bristle brush. You can also spray underneath your hair to get more volume and not to focus the action only in the area of the root.

The Campú dry of this brand is not satisfied with offering a dry shampoo, but have a large family of products to cover all your needs whatever they may be. Here's a small summary of the most famous, although they are always bringing out new ones.

1 Original - Clean and classic The original is adored by innovators and creators. It absorbs the oil from your hair and leaves it clean, fresh and full of body and texture.

2 Tropical Coconut and aires exotic Caribbean. Aromas decoco and vibrations of the tropics are found in this dry shampoo edition tropical. At the moment you have your hair clean, fresh with a scent of delightfully exotic.

3 Blush Floral and Glamorous - A female's scent with floral hints and a very pretty attention-grabbing. A few sprays that work quickly and with touches of very floral.

4 Fresh Fun and clean - a Few notes, fresh and clean, make this dry shampoo Batiste in something very tempting and very versatile. It is unisex, both for them, for them and for the children. Distribute it well and get a clean hair instantly.

5 Lace Dedicated to all the girls who love the world of vintage. Brimming with elegance and style, and has a scent very sophisticated. This dry shampoo will leave the hair as beautiful as you already are not.

6 Wild This is for all those girls who are in touch with their animal instinct. An oriental fragrance with a lot of personality. Brings out the fighter inside you without any effort.

7 Cherry Cherry is for anyone that likes a touch sweet, soft, and full of touches of retro. An exquisite fragrance that is fun, offers a rich aroma of cherry, since it encourages your hair and causes it to be just as nice both in the gym as a walk in the park for the most elegant.

Premium Range

These are some of the you can get, but in addition to this great brand of dry shampoo has a Premium range in which not only you get all the fresh, clean, and the volume that you have with everyone, but you also get a color tone or a extreme volume.

Medium- A touch of color, in media and chestnut

Dark- darker Tones and black

XXl Volume- for all shades of color, you get a maximum volume.


In the heart of all of these shampoos dry you have the formulation “without water”, so you can use it when and where you want. Removes excess oil and grease helping to clean up the roots. Get that hair without life and shine without being oily and all without water. Just spray, massage in and comb.

All of these shampoos have a fragrance great for the hair, that smell almost even better than it looks. If you have dyed hair you recommend a shampoo with color that blend seamlessly with your shade of hair. It adapts perfectly to the specific needs of your hair by giving strength and joy to a mane of loose, clean, and very fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the wonderful shampoos for dry

What is dry shampoo?

The dry Shampoo Batiste is a product made of starch with a formula “without water” which helps to eliminate to get rid of the roots to fats and provides the body giving life to the dull hair and allowing you to also create hairstyles great.

How easy is it to use?

All the shampoos are very easy to use. Only have to shake the pot before use. Separates the hair into small sections and spray quick strokes and short in the roots at a distance of between 15 and 20cm. Let it sit for a few moments and massage your hair. If you see any type of excess brush the hair and if you want to get body and additional texture not the brush.

Is it suitable for all hair types?

Can be used in almost any type of hair. You can add texture and body to fine hair. If you don't want extra volume you just have to brush it after you apply it.

Can I use it on dyed hair?

Of course! You can use it on almost any hair type, gives you a break in between washed and blends perfectly with your color.

Can I use it in extensions?

Apply the shampoo only on natural roots and massage in the area of the root. Do not use it directly on extensions because you might end up estropeándolas.

Can I bring the travel size on a plane?

The current regulation itself that allows you to carry it in your hand luggage, however as regulations of the airports can change, it is best that you check with your airline before you leave.

What is Light, Medium, and Dark?

Due to needs now you have a dry shampoo for every complement your shade of hair. You have a choice of three shades general with the same properties as the other shampoos that has added a touch of color. The Light is perfect for blondes, medium is thought to shades of brown, medium or brown-red, and the Dark is for the hair darker and black.

How do I use the shampoos of color?

Exactly the same as the others. Shake vigorously and spray at a distance of about 15cm, with short bursts on the root of your hair, let sit for a few minutes and then brush, if you want an extra volume do not brush, just rub it down.

What is Strenght & Shine?

This line is enriched with L-Arginine, an amino acid known to strengthen the structure of the hair, a touch of spray will help to revitalize your hair instantly between washes and will make your hair look stronger and brighter in a natural way. It is used in the same way that the rest of the shampoos dried.

What is the difference between this line from the rest of the range of shampoos dry?

In addition to keeping your hair clean between washes, the line Strength & Shine helps hair dull and tired to feel more healthy or when you need extra care.