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List of products by brand Catrice

There are 421 products.

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Showing 385-408 of 421 item(s)

The makeup Catrice in Maquilleo

A makeup brand that doesn't miss any trend, any “must have”...any color of the season, the product precise for that right moment...if you are looking for in the makeup Catrice sure that what you find.

Is always reinventing itself to achieve increasingly better results (if it fits), so it is constantly renewing many of their products getting to market special editions.

Buy Catrice in Maquilleo

The makeup Catrice is young, modern and prices super good. With limited editions very current and a collection change every short time, this brand of makeup is always to the last. A small price to makeup products of high quality. Either lipstick, powder or eye shadows and the blushers of-the-art cheer to any. A brand respects not only the quality of their products and packaging but also to the world around him and is a makeup brand that is flying the flag of the cruelty free, that is to say, that neither tested in animals and or in the process does not cause any animal suffering.

Inspired by the fashion capitals of the

Catrice don't miss a beauty trend, not a must-have product, small. The large assortment of products and the wide range of trendy colors that also always respecting the classics allows you to create an infinity of looks for you to let your imagination and creativity when applying your makeup. Thousands of products with high quality ingredients, textures, luxurious and innovative formulations inspire time and time again to women and men all over the world.

The price-quality ratio is optimal and provides a pleasure of a purchase that few other things can match. About 25% of the collection is changed twice a year so that is going to do you're always discovering new things and allows you to be in direct contact with the catwalks around the world. Has come to develop up to 14 limited edition collections a year. Here you can see the inexhaustible source of inspiration that the brand has at the time of writing products and collections so that styles are re-interpreted time and time again.

The Pleasure of applying makeup.

Inspiring, exciting and multi-faceted. So is the makeup Catrice. With the limited editions and the change in rotational products, is the latest always. Although the prices are super-affordable their products are characterised by their high quality. Whether lipstick, eye shadow or makeup foundations. With the colors and textures are more fashionable.

The perfect complexion with Catrice

A perfect skin and radiant is the best goal for all makeup. The complexion ideal is uniform and looks absolutely natural and not like a mask. To achieve this, you have the makeup foundations, liquid, concealers and powders. For a fresh look you have the blushers and the highlighter. In addition, you have the option of contouring so super simple. Thanks to a good base or a primer, the makeup lasts much longer and is always perfect.

Makeup brushes and other accessories

Catrice also brings some tools makeup great. A wide range of makeup brushes, brushes or make up sponges that help that your look is always perfect. Starting with the brush to your makeup foundation liquid, powder brush, brush to create your smoky eyes.

Perfect nails

This brand also offers a great selection of nail polishes. From products care and maintenance of your nails as a large variety of colors. Your creativity has no limits, so that you can create a manicure perfectly classic, or try the outfits more daring.

Discover the entire collection in Maquilleo!


It Is 100% Cruelty Free!

Another point that stands out is his awareness of the animals and the environment. For this reason the mark has not tested its products on animals, and this rule applies both to the end products as all the ingredients needed for the preparation of the same. All-brand suppliers are obliged by the makeup brand to certify in writing that their products have been manufactured without animal testing.



In Maquilleo you can find the latest products of the brand for the face. From the famous BB cream to the foundation and prebases of makeup that blend in perfectly with your skin. Once you have this you only have to pass the blush that goes most with your tone and decide whether you prefer bronzer or powder compact. All of them are fantastic products, offering high quality at an affordable price to suit all pockets.



In this field you have everything you need to get a few eyes of a heart attack or a look perfectly natural and luminous. The important thing is to prepare your eyes for the remaining point, to do this apply a concealer and one of their prebases of eye shadow. Now in our category of products of Catrice eye choose your shades individual or look for palettes, Absolute or Duos, Trios and Quartets, this amazing brand brings you. And from there, to play! Enjoy drawing on your eyes with liners in liquid or pencil, sweep your eyebrows or put false eyelashes to your look is to become the flapping of a fantastic butterfly. And of course, don't forget one of the famous masks of the eyes of Catrice, some of them even awarded as the best product of the year in cosmetics in Germany.



Catrice has a wide range of beauty products for your lips. Regardless of how you prefer. You can choose between the candy lipstick Pure Shine, or a trim lip, that will only enhance the natural beauty of your lips by up to a super bright red to dazzle wherever you go. Choose among the many that we have in Maquilleo and let your lips speak for themselves. Luminous Lips, Ultimate Colour, Ultimate Shine... You decide, but yes, do not forget to perfilarlos!



What vibrant colors and enamels of long duration? Delve into the world of possibilities with their variety of nail polishes. There is a color for every season, mood, special just have to decide which is yours. Solid colors and long-lasting for you to follow the rhythm. Once you have chosen the colors of glazes that you like, head over to the section of nail treatments, the care is very important for a perfect hands.

Accessories beauty

The makeup brand also includes in its catalog brushes to help the application of their products is the perfect. The brushes from this German brand are ideal to adjust the intensity of the color and emphasize any eye, to note any angle, attenuate imperfections... So now you know not only is it important that you choose makeup that you like or that best feel to your skin tone. The way to apply it on and around the instrument with which it is applied is something that will help a lot to emphasize the result. You have a wide range of rochas face, brushes of eyes, and even pencil sharpeners. Catrice makes it easy.


So now you know, if you are one of those who find it hard to decide what to bring you what we feel, because with this fantastic brand, you're going to have many dilemmas. Even so, as all products have a fantastic prices, you can take them all!.

This great German brand of makeup products low cost and high quality has come to put the easy things in terms of beauty is concerned. All their products are going to give great results, now you just have to choose according to your tastes, and you won't have to pay a kidney for a makeup product! That here does not pass.

In addition, not only has some great products, this brand also has a strong environmental consciousness, since all of their products are completely cruelty free, that is to say that they are not tested with animals, and not only that, but they make sure that their suppliers adhere to the same rules as them.

Always on trend, the representatives of the brand are constantly traveling to find the latest in makeup urban for that what you have at home before anyone else. Colors, textures and new products for makeup that remains all a game and you have a lot to choose from. They are constantly innovating so that when you finish reading this you probably already have another product on the way very soon, you'll be in Maquilleo. Enjoy!

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