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List of products by brand Essence

There are 401 products.

Showing 1-24 of 401 item(s)
Showing 1-24 of 401 item(s)

Now Essence, online Maquilleo, your store makeup cheap

What do you expect from your makeup products? Quality, you to be respectful with your skin, and also with your pocket, and then if they don't test on animals it better and better! If you are looking for a makeup brand that encompasses all these qualities, you're in luck because Essence gives answers to all of them! and outstanding!

Your cosmetics offer, with a fresh look and fun, a wide range of high quality products at affordable prices. For this reason, it has become in a short time in the 1st makeup brand low-cost in Europe.

Since they hit the market in the year 2002, the German mark has been the latest in makeup trends, launching beauty products, cutting edge with colors today of the season.

And how do you get Essence having such great products at such low prices?

One of the keys, according to claim from the brand is that it does not invest in models or famous to advertise their products. So, instead of paying high figures for advertise their products on television or in magazines focus their efforts on developing Premium products with a high level of quality. For the brand, if their products work and appeal to their consumers, that is their best advertisement.

In addition, its price is not incompatible with quality, in fact it is their main priority. The brand gives a great importance to the implementation of quality standards and all its products go through a rigorous control. In fact, it has several certificates and awards by the good price-quality relationship of their products as the "kiss readers" in ireland and "allure best of beauty award" in the united States.

A brand that is not tested on animals 100% Cruelty Free

One of the things we like the most is that not tested its products on animals, nor through a third party. A policy that remains in Europe and in all continents and distributes its cosmetic products. In fact, according to manifest, at the time of selecting their suppliers to ensure that their subjects have not previously been tested in animals. This attitude has been one of the more differentiated the brand from the beginning and has unmarked of other brands of cosmetics and makeup. The philosophy of the brand is 100% Cruelty Free.

Products for nail enamels and Nail Art

You have at your disposal a lot of glazes of different shades to dress your nails the color that most wear in each season.

Also has enamel filled with originality within the range Nail Art with different effects: glitter, stamps, sequins, beads pearl...a collection that leaves no one indifferent! In addition, they are products designed for anyone to use at home and get professional results without the need to go to any specialized center. How cool is that?

For example, With enamels Special Topper you can create on your nails different glossy effects, holographic...You'll be able to look nails with amazing glitter effect, until the nails with a finish effect confetti, effect, feathered, 101dálmatas...even fluorescent!

And for those who dare to take it a step further when it comes to Nail Art, there are also different utensils and accessories to give free rein to our imagination. One of them, and to begin with the most basic, is an applicator Duo Stylist with two tips that help us put brillantitos on the nails, do some drawing or simply the tips of the French manicure, and with the tip bigger make points, points and more points! With elStampy Set Nail Art you will be able to create custom designs and stamp your nail. Even with the Nail Art Effect 3D Candy Buffet we can get three-dimensional effects!!


If you love the lipstick and you are one of those that has different will find shades very flattering. Lipsticks long-lasting, enduring all the kisses in the world without moving your lips.

Also have a bunch of profilers as well as shine of lips XXXL to give your lips a dazzling effect of mirror-like shine.

It also has a line of balms for the care of your lips, and some of them with delicious flavors such as Brownie, Cheesecake...all a delight! All of them formulated to pamper your lips and keep them hydrated and protected from external aggressions, while at the same time returns a smooth appearance and velvety to the lips more dry and damaged.


Make the most of your look is easy with the variety of possibilities offered by their products. Shadows, profilers, pencils jumbo and different masks of tabs designed for the needs of each girl depending on your type of lashes: long, coasts, either straight or with a low density.

Skin care

Just as important is to choose a good and suitable makeup products how to choose a good make-up remover, because at the end of the day our skin has to rest, clean and free of debris. The make-up remover biphasic is one of the star products of the brand within this type of care.

Also also, and to keep our skin always be cared for, there is a line of treatment for us at home we can make a routine of skin cleansing. Is the range My Pure Skin with a gel cleanser to cleanse the face in depth without damaging the natural ph of our skin, thanks to its contents in glycerin and panthenol; and the tonic anti pimples, enriched with powder for the ideal finish of your routine facial cleansing.

In Maquilleo you can find products Essence online and you will see that this brand has an answer for every need of your skin in cosmetics and beauty, always with products manufactured on the basis of formulas that respect the skin PH and at prices that fall in love with the pocket.

That is why it is one of the brands that we have conquered in Maquilleo, by your philosophy it 100% Cruelty Free, and by offering products that provide very good results and with a relationship quality-unbeatable price. Bravo!

Essence online