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Showing 1-24 of 25 item(s)

Tangle Teezer

This little brush is so fun on the outside that looks like a toy but don't be fooled by their funny appearance because it is a brush with a professional that is going to work perfectly.

So if you are one of those that you have to tangle every moment as if you only use the brush once a day will work perfectly. In the first case because its compact design lets you carry it in your bag and use it when you want and in the second because it's not going to take up space in your cabinet in the bathroom.

The hair is tangle-free, no matter what you do, and almost any product of conditioning can remedy it. Tagle Teezer is designed to do not ever have problems with tangles, removes knots from the hair with no effort and no pain. What all were hoping for.

This hair brush is so small, it fits perfectly in the palm of the hand and its benefits are very large. The bristles of this brush are short and come in different lengths. This is the key that a hair brush is positioned at the summit of the brushes of the hair both in salons and on the street and of course in millions of bathrooms in the world.

For years, the brush of hair has been the same way and it has been used in the same way, bristles and a handle to pick it up. The brush is the number one in the UK. Has reinvented completely the way in which we brush the hair. Launched in 2007, The original became an essential tool for stylists, salons and also to all those who tested it. With a super design ergonomically to give you a total control and also a firm grip and surround. You Original have the bristles uniquely structured to flex with the passage of tangles without the need of tires from them. It is suitable for all hair types (yes, also for the curly hair!), and gently glides through the hair wet and dry, as well as for extensions and waves.

The family of brushes

Thanks to all the compliments that you received from the first time has expanded its collection. Now, in addition to You are Original, you have the Compact Styler, perfect to go on a trip and carry it in the bag, the Salon Elite, more rounded, the Magic Flower pot, ideal for the little ones, is adorable and very easy to use for small hands, encourages children to brush the hair alone of the more fun, the Aqua Splash brush your hair under the shower and especially designed to treat with care the wet hair and Blow-Styling, the first Tangle Teezer with a handle to get a perfect beaded hair salon without leaving home.

If you are looking for a brush with a super-effective at detangling without pain throughout your mane, this is your best option. And if you are one of those that you have to separate your hair into small sections at the top of your head to style it is going to come of pearls. You think that if you don't you separate your hair you're going to break it or you will hurt right?, well, forget it. This will happen with almost any other hair brush on the market but not with this. To not have to separate your hair to remove any tangles, and it works equally well in the hair dry in the damp hair.

To tangle persistent as those that appear on the nape of the neck, just spend a few times your Tangle Teezer. If you still think you have too many tangles just use a spray detangler to damp hair and... winning combination to the song!.

Why to love the Tangle Teezer

This known brush has been a revolution in the hair since they hit the market. Through the blogs of beauty and also shows their many imitators. A brush without pain and very easy to use... but What is really special about it? There are many that claim to do this same, but only they get what they get. As simple as that.

This brush makes it incredibly easy to comb, long manes, manes with curls and in general all the hair that tend to tangle. If you put lacquer feeling that you will look at the brush face, “no, please”, but that's it. There are technical explanations, but the case is that it works.

Help your hair avoiding jerks, that's why you can use it with extensions, and the less pulling you have, the more careful you'll have your hair!

Tangle Teezer has brushes that work perfectly in all the stages of your routine hair


1 - you Can use it on wet hair, which means that it is perfect for removing tangles typical of the washing of the hair.

2.- Although your hair getting tangled easily, it's not going to hurt to remove any tangles.

3.- If you've done a toupee dream or you've already filled your hair lacquer, quiet, you'll be able to get out of this, and without a cry of pain.

4.- A brush, very pleasant to the touch and make it that you can brush in 2 seconds no matter where you are.

5.- when you try to return to draw your stripe of hair while it is wet usually work out tangles. Or Used, best said.

Benefits of brushing hair

The appearance and the health of the hair are especially important to our overall appearance. Brush it well it is essential to maintain its shine and strength, rather than expensive styling products, you have a big help in the good brushing of your hair, something that you can't get many other products.

How to brush the hair

The first thing you should do is to choose the brush, and we have already commented on what we bet we are.

The brushing should be with the head upside down and starting from the nape of the neck, first to the sides and then with the head straightened from the root to the tips. Even so, if you have many tangles do it backwards, tilts the head and take sections of the hair from the bottom up and cepíllalos with care. Little by little you see going up to the root as you go to be disentangled.

And if the brushing of the hair you add the to remove the split ends regularly, protection from the sun and keep hydrated you'll be able to make a pelazo for a long time.


Worth of all all, we cannot recommend you another best tool for detangling your hair. Of all the brushes, is the most practical, the most compact, comfortable, professional, and also, why not, the more fun. Reduces the time you spend peinándote and prevents pulling and desenredos painful.