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Artero. 104 years of history


Devious is a brand with over 100 years of history dedicated to the care of the hair. In fact he began his career back in 1909 selling tools for the shearing of large animals, usually farm animals. Now, there is a reference in the sectors of hairdressing, animal and also in cooking utensils, as a manufacturer and as a distributor. In the year 1944 the cutlery Artero moved to the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, where in the year 2000 he won the Rose called Silver to the best restoration of all commercial establishments in the heart of Barcelona.


Artero has become a undisputed leader in its sector of hairdressing animal, hair care, and also in cooking utensils with representation not only in Spain but also in the world. In the second half of the nineties have opened up stores in Madrid and Valencia and also have a show-room in Vilassar de Dalt to cover the area north of Barcelona. Today Artero has achieved much acclaim and prestige throughout the world and is present in Europe, Russia, Asia, Mexico, Argentina, U.S. or Canada.


In the hairdressing sector Artero offers a range of specialized and comprehensive professional products such as scissors, tweezers, flat irons, hair dryers, brushes, combs, and also a wide range for the aesthetics. Artero has also developed his own brand of scissors and stylers that complement the wide range they carry from other companies.

Artero has a complete web page from which you can see a lot of products, in fact if you see that you want any product Crafty that we don't have in Maquilleo let us know, maybe we can conseguírtelo.


In addition, if you purchase a product Artero you have official technical service that will point your ally, a hair salon and leave it in perfect condition if you anything happens with him.


The philosophy of this great brand is definitely the one to put first to the client. Sneaky provides a full service and a wide range of quality products, by the resolution of problems quickly and efficiently and thanks to win the trust of customers for its professionalism. Devious is a brand that was born yesterday, but lives very much in the present with the future in mind.




As you can see in Maquilleo Sneaky always works with the best products of the best quality. Within your own brand we can find products of the best quality. Within your own brand we can find products, cosmetics, and of course scissors, since that Artero was born as cutlery. Their products in cutlery such as scissors or knives barber to break barriers in design, ease of use, and of course results. They have created this entire range of products so that each customer can express their creativity in the most personal way using the best tool at home or in the classroom.


Artero is very prepared for the new opportunities and adapts perfectly to changes in both economic and social of the world of professional hairdressing. Through the years, and not to mention the artisanal side, the importation and the marketing Cunning has specialized in three sectors in which it has positioned itself as a reference, of course the barber is very well known worldwide.


Is very proud of its presence in the market and they continue to look for forward to continue his legacy for years to come. It is considered as one of the leading brands in the industry of the Spanish hairdressing. In recent years, Artero has achieved an international status by exporting their products around the world. He knows that the world demands styling products that are innovative, that work perfectly and that they have a relationship quality-price-performance superb.


To have a hair healthy and strong Artero recommended that you keep very hydrated. Keep in mind the time of year in which you are located, but both in summer and in winter there are external factors that affect your hair and make it lose beauty. You must learn to choose the most suitable products for you and also to combine them perfectly in order to avoid negative effects. Also, of course, it is important that you use products and quality cookware. Artero brings you a great selection of beauty products so that you can have the style you are looking for with maximum performance and comfortable way, easy and simple.


Choose between the plates of the hair Artero as the Zenit or the mini irons hair Nikita, among its famous dryers such as Black, Lemon or Tekila, or look for the Machine for cutting hair Artero Faster, perfect for cuts, more daring, or for men and of course prepare your hair for the dryer or the iron with the spray protects your hair Myst. In addition, in Maquilleo you also have a perfect travel kit that features an Iron, a hairdryer and a brush. To be ideal wherever you go and occupy very little space.

Some more advice is to not try to wash too much hair and don't use much shampoo. You can wash it a couple of times a week and use a shampoo according to your hair type or your specific needs.

Use conditioners of volume because they function as a supplement to strengthen hair and provide more volume to the fiber.

If you color your hair using suitable products and quality. Protect your hair by using shampoos and conditioners especially designed for the dyed hair.

Follows a complete diet. Enough of everything. This part is very important.

Don't skip the protein, such as red meat once in a while for you to bring in proteins and other vital nutrients.

And a little more, don't stress, get a little exercise and drink lots of water. With this and with hairdressing products Artero everything will be perfect.