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Showing 1-24 of 26 item(s)

Beauty Blender. Makeup sponge professional

The sponge that has revolutionized the way you apply makeup has egg-shaped: one end is round and the other end in the form of a tip, that is to say, it is anatomical and can be adapted to all face shapes. It is made of a different material to the sponges to which we are accustomed (is very soft).

It is a sponge not a disposable applicator for makeup in a professional manner. Does not have sharp edges, so it does not leave marks. And it is not a makeup sponge either. This is the first sponge applicator makeup in the world without sharp edges, non-disposable and high-definition.

A unique shape and exclusive material ensures an application is flawless, free of any type of marks and using the minimum amount of product.

What makes

Account with a unique shape and a unique material patented that ensures an application is flawless, no marks, and using the minimum amount of product. Use it with your first, with the base of makeup, powders, blushes in cream, concealers etc. Is going to give you a perfect result with any type of product for the face.

What else you need to know?

Has a structure of open cell that is filled with small droplets of water when it is wet. This allows the makeup to stay on top of the sponge and not the inside, using a lot less amount of the product and providing a result more fine and clean.

When it is wet, this makeup sponge doubles in size and becomes even softer, returning to its size usual when it dries with the air. Hand-made in the USA

Use colorants that are safe, soluble in water, does not harm the environment and preserve the integrity of the foam. For this reason it is normal that you may notice that “fade” a little bit of color the first few times that the wash. It is normal and will disappear after cleaning the product several times.

Suggested use of the BeautyBlender

Humedecela with water

Removes the excess water using a towel or simply escurriéndola a little.

Now apply your primer, base, powder, blush, concealer or any other product for the face with a gentle tapping motion to create incredible results.

This little sponge has become the imperative of beauty in the bag for millions of women. It seems something basic and simple but it is something completely revolutionary. They have egg-shaped structure is open and will expand an average of 1.5 times its original size once wet. These small sponges will provide a amazing app for your base makeup, without defects and free of marks and as we have said you can use it with many products.

Comes in a small little plastic box with easy to follow instructions. Just soaking, remove excess water and apply your product by tapping. Your product can be directly applied on to the face or placed on a surface that you are going by soaking the sponge, as the back of the hand for example. Works perfectly for applying your makeup base and also for your concealer.

A makeup sponge multi-faceted

Mainly, it is used for applying foundation, bb creams, moisturizers with color etc, that Is to say, for any product that we use as a makeup base, to apply it we will use the widest part of the sponge and go depositing the product to strokes. If we see that we have very little coverage, we can give a second coat the same way once you have settled in the previous.

With the tip of the sponge, we can apply concealers. The shape is very comfortable and with the tip we can arrive perfectly at the area of the eyes or the fins of the nose. As with the base, apply it to strokes without too much pressure since the area of the eyes is quite sensitive.We will get a result very natural and blended.

It can also be used to apply blushers in cream. With this sponge the color is very well integrated and it really seems that the color comes out of our own skin.

And also you can use it for foundation powder that turn into cream when to use them or if we want to get greater coverage. To moisten the product gets a little more coverage and and a finish, not too powdery and very nice.

The collection

In addition to the classic pink color that launched this makeup sponge directly to the bag of the celebrities, you have a collection great. There is the Pro black, and Pure white.

Here are some characteristics of each one of them.

Original (Pink) is the smallest of the three while it is dry, although the three have similar sizes once wet. Offers a perfect coverage for the majority of products including liquids. Its soft texture makes the bounce more padding when applying it.

Pure (white) is designed for sensitive skin. It is free of any dye and which ensure that the most sensitive skin or allergies can use it perfectly. Works as well as the pink and has a texture very similar.

The same exclusive material in a sponge free of dyes specially designed for the sensitive skins and delicate that you make a perfect casting of your makeup with the utmost care, with a touch of silk.

The model Pro (black) is designed for the products that are darker that can stain your sponge white rose. The texture becomes more porous in comparison with the other two and still very smooth. Works especially well with make-up powder is designed to get impeccable results with products lapiel, makeup long-term or bronzers.

More models

Micro mini blend your products to your face with this adorable espojita mini designed for smaller areas such as the area below the eyes, the inner corners of the eyes, the eyelids, the bones of the forehead, the sides of the nose, upper cheeks or points of acne.

Perfectly blends the concealer, the first eye, the eye shadows in cream, and much more to achieve the maximum accuracy. Use it with the same technique than with the others. Wet, wrung out and applied with the small “rebounds”. Comes in pack of two.


Blotterazzi – Sponges Matificantes

Blotterazzi are the marshmallows matificantes final. These marshmallows radically change the shape of matificar. Forget the blotters. This small compact includes two marshmallows made of the same material than the others, and also have the same drop-shaped with the difference that they are flat. With the same pink that is characteristic of the sponge-original, these marshmallows matificantes come in a estuchito white with mirror perfect for retocarte where you want it with professional results.

The cleaners

These make up sponges have two products to help you keep your sponges clean: The cleaner liquid and the solid.

The liquid cleaner is the original released for these sponges. It is very thick and works great to get into the pores of the sponge to remove the makeup.

The cleaner solid is more compact and can be carried wherever you want. A great soap with the scent of lavender. Just moisten it and rub the sponge. This soap comes in a plastic container that has a small removable tray for the soap to dry perfectly on all sides.