Kativa - Brazilian Straightening Pack + Post Straightening - Shampoo and Conditioner

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Kativa - Pack Brazilian Straightening + Post Straightening: shampoo and conditioner

Hairdressing results at home! Kativa Brazilian Straightening makes it easy for you to achieve professional results with a single application and you can do it yourself at home.
Kativa, the leading brand in hair care with keratin and Argan oil (and without sulfates or formaldehyde), brings us its version of the Brazilian straightening so fashionable lately.

With Kativa, the straighteners that spoil hair are over! Kativa straightens hair without damaging it!

Kativa Brazilian Straightening is a semi-permanent straightening treatment based on Keratin and Argan oil, which gives you a spectacular smoothness, while nourishing, repairing, moisturizing and giving it shine.
Unlike Japanese straightening, this straightening is also recommended for chemically treated hair such as highlights or dyes.

Kativa take care of your hair

Kativa Brazilian straightening restores lost proteins and nutrients, such as keratin. In addition, the kit contains Argan oil, rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids with antioxidant effects.
With Kativa you will get smooth, soft, and hydrated hair. Kativa ensures long-lasting results, at least 3 months.

Kativa Brazilian straightening kit contains
Kativa Brazilian straightening contains a 15ml pre-treatment shampoo, 150ml Brazilian Straightening treatment, 30ml Kativa shampoo, 30ml Kativa conditioner, a Brush and a pair of gloves.

Kativa recommendation
Once you have finished applying the treatment, leave a couple of days until you wash your hair again, so that the treatment will be complete.

Well, as you can see, it is very easy to apply and enjoy a great hair instantly. This complex treatment restores quality to your hair, reduces volume, increases shine, increases body and eliminates hair frizz. The hair is smooth and easy, this hair remodeling treatment will get you a silky mane with a lot of shine.

We are going to answer some of the main questions that can arise when having a Brazilian straightener.


First, how long does it last?

The duration is usually around three months. About ninety days, but you must bear in mind that each hair is different, and each root absorbs the treatment differently. For example, if you have very curly hair, it will be a great help to eliminate volume and frizz. You also have the Kerapro volume reduction treatment. There are women who last 2 and a half months and there are others who keep it for more than four months.

Second. What type of hair is it most recommended for?

Let's see this is very broad. In general, any type of Brazilian straightening or keratin treatment is recommended for all types of hair but especially it has been created for unruly, curly or frizzy hair, which are usually the most difficult to treat. In other words, if you have "non-curly" hair, the results will be even greater. You can use it regardless of the condition of your hair, whether it has been dyed, permed or straightened. In fact, the treatment works best if you have already dyed or treated your hair with some type of chemical.

Third. How often should you do it?

If you want to keep your hair straight and perfect as if you had just done it, the normal thing is that when you stop noticing that your hair is perfect, then you do it again. The average is 2 or 4 months but it all depends on the needs of your hair. And if, on the other hand, you want to reverse the process, just not do it again and your hair will go back to being the same one little by little. You can always do the straightening again whenever you want.

Fourth. How long does it take to do the treatment?

The complete application time is approximately 3 hours. It depends on the length of your hair and also on the volume. The calmer you dedicate, the better, but in general, the treatment is fast and it is sure that little by little you will get the point in the following applications.

Fifth. Do I have to stop washing my hair?

It is recommended that once the Brazilian straightening treatment is done, you hold a couple of days before washing your hair, so the product penetrates perfectly into the roots and the hair fiber.

Sixth. Do I have to take any special care after Brazilian straightening?

Let's see, this is like everything. It would be interesting if you did not make high ponytails or ponytails these first days, it is best if your hair is loose. Also avoid swimming in the sea or the pool and the use of products such as foams, gels or lacquers these three days.

We recommend using shampoos without salt or sulfates. This way you will be able to prolong the results of the treatment.

Seventh. Can I dye my hair?

Of course you can dye your hair, it is recommended to match the use of straightening with the date of its coloring. Do the straightening treatment and then the tint, as the straightening can lighten the color of the tint by one or two tones. That is why we recommend dyeing it afterwards.

Eighth. What is the difference between Brazilian Straightening and Japanese Straightening?

Let's see, the main difference is that the Brazilian straightening is prepared to act on chemically treated hair, especially dyed, with highlights or damaged by the iron, and that the effect is more natural, since the hair gradually recovers its shape. as time goes by.

On the other hand, Japanese straightening is more aimed at hair that does not have any chemistry, dyes or highlights, perms or any other straightening. The effect is that of ironing and is not so natural. Plus, it's a permanent straightener, so if you regret it, you'll have to cut.

If after reading it you still have any questions, you just have to tell us. And you already know that in makeup you can get it at the best price.


one.   Wash hair with Pre-Treatment Shampoo 1 to 2 times. Then dry it with a towel. Once the hair is clean, dry completely with the dryer.

2. Divide the hair into several parts, and apply the Mask 2 strand by strand with the brush. Make sure the product is well distributed from the roots to the tips.

3. Let the product act for 15 minutes. At the end of the exposure time, remove the excess, if any, with a comb.

4. Dry the hair with the help of a brush and a dryer using the Brushing technique. A good drying and brushing guarantees an optimal result.

5. Iron the hair taking thin strands and iron 6 to 12 times at a temperature between 200º and 215ºC (the number of times the iron is used and the temperature will depend on the thickness of the hair. It is advisable to reduce the temperature of the iron if have damaged, discolored or highlighted ends). Iron the hair until there is no residue of Mask 2. Before starting step 6, wait 5 minutes for the hair to cool.

6. Wash the hair with Shampoo 3 until the treatment residues are completely removed. Remove excess moisture and apply Conditioner 4 . Leave it to act for 5 minutes and rinse with plenty of water. Then blow dry your hair.

Smoothing treatment pack content for one application:

1. on pre-treatment shampoo: 15 ml.

2. straightening treatment bottle: 150 ml.

3. about shampoo: 30 ml.

4. about conditioner: 30 ml.

Kativa post straightening kit

Kativa post straightening kit is especially recommended for after a Brazilian straightening treatment. The Kativa post-straightening kit is also perfect for rehydrating damaged or weakened hair.

Hair hydrated with Kativa

Kativa post straightening kit acts deeply on the inner layers of the hair fiber and recovers its natural properties of your hair. With Kativa post straightening kit, hair looks hydrated, shiny and with a silky texture. In addition, the natural active ingredients Kativa combine perfectly to protect your hair in the healthiest way.

The Kativa post straightening kit is made up of Kativa shampoo and Kativa conditioner so that your hair is clean and nourished for a long time. Kativa shampoo with keratin without formaldehyde and Arginine

Kativa post straightening shampoo

Kativa shampoo with keratin without formaldehyde and Arginine leaves your hair protected and deeply hydrated. In addition, Kativa shampoo, as it does not contain salt, maintains the results of the treatment for much longer, whether it is Kativa straightening, volume reduction or simply dyeing. 250ml

Kativa post straightening conditioner

Kativa Conditioner is an extra creamy balm with a smooth texture. Kativa conditioner is rich in natural antioxidants that deeply hydrate and soften your hair. Kativa eliminates frizz. Healthier and stronger hair is possible with Kativa. 250ml

Kativa post-straightening kit is perfect to repair, nourish and protect any type of hair that is damaged, rebellious or lifeless.

Get to know the entire collection of Kativa products at Maquilleo, your online makeup store.


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