Sérum Facial y Capilar - Aceite de Argán Marroquí en Frío 100% Orgánico Prensado - 30 ml - The Ordin

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The Ordinary - Sérum Facial and Hair - Argan Oil Moroccan 100% Organic-Pressed - 30 ml

This formulation 100% pure, cold processed and organic, provides the full power of a natural wonder: the oil of argan moroccan. Rich in fatty acids, vitamins, phenols, and carotene, this oil is miraculous multi-tasking reduces the formation of flakes and promotes the overall health of the skin and adds strength and shine to the hair, making it perfect for both dry skin as for the hair stressed.

To ensure that none of these benefits are compromised, this formulation is pressed in cold, as any extraction process that involves heat would degrade.

The rich amount of fatty acids of the argan oil moroccan (including oleic and linoleic acids) favorece the health of the skin and reduces flaking, while increasing strength, shine and softness when applied to the hair. The formulation of The Ordinary is completely unrefined, leaving you with a natural aroma, which is a testimony of her purity.

Indicated for dry skins and damaged hair.

Mode of employment:

- Application in hair: work with hair wet and cleaned daily or as needed.

- Application of the skin: apply a few drops over the entire face once daily or as needed.

Composition: Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil.

Contains: 30 ml.

The Ordinary

Data sheet

Suitable for
Damaged hair
Dry hair
Dry skin
Other information
Paraben Free

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2019-06-17 10:40:44
El aceite me gusta deja la piel suave y se absorve muy pronto. El olor que tiene, aunque momentaneo, es un poco desagradable para mi gusto.
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