Mustela - Newborn shampoo

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What is Mustela - Newborn shampoo

When a baby is born thousands of questions arise about the products that you can or not use to avoid damaging the skin. At Mustela, they always care about the health of the little ones. The head and scalp is one of the most delicate areas in a newborn, since it has not finished developing. Thanks to its mousse format, this shampoo is much more comfortable and gentle, which is why it favors the elimination of cradle cap, protecting our little one's head.

How to use Mustela - Newborn shampoo

Apply a small amount (a dose more or less). Keep the shampoo for a minute and rinse gently with water.

Mustela - Newborn shampoo is indicated for:

Indicated for neonates.

Contains : 150 ml

Not tested on animals.


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