Revlon - Superior Hair Mask

Revlon - Superior Hair Mask 

Uniq one hair mask

This mask is formulated with the benefits of the best worldwide masks. Get a deep repair of your hair, nourishing it effectively and intensely, strengthen it from roots to tips, bring a dazzling, soft and silky shine, has disentangling and anti-frizz. It will act in only 3 minutes leaving you a hair with volume and non-greasy.

1- Deep Hair Damage Repair

2- Intense Nourishment

3- Strengthens hair from roots to ends

4- Incredible shine

5- Silkiness & Smoothness

6- Sensational defrizz and detangling

7- Ultra hydrating

8- Quickly absorbs in only 3 min.

9- Weightless finish with natural volume

10- non-grasy formula


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