Kativa - Volume + Deep treatment 250 ml.

Kativa - Volume + Deep treatment 250 ml.

The Volume + Kativa line is specialized in revolutionizing hair with more volume. It is specially made for thin textured hair.

 Enriched with Bamboo, Acacia and other assets that will help you achieve an amazing volume in your hair. Add body, density and flexibility to fine hair.

 Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Due to its properties the Bamboo extract is usually applied to the hair and scalp as it contributes shine, softness and density.

 The acacia. It is a flower of Acacia tree, native to Australia. It has revitalizing and softening properties to restore damaged hair, providing greater strength and thickness to the hair fiber, promoting hair volume.


Specially designed to bring smoothness and natural shine to fine hair, detangling with volume effect that leaves hair with a light and manageable feeling


 - Higher volume without frizz

 - Hair with body and shape

 - Hydration and nutrition

- Smoothness, brightness and natural movement


It significantly improves the volume of your hair as well as the thickness of fine hair, leaving it repaired, shiny and smooth.

Free from salt and sulphates.


Contents: 250 ml.


How to apply: Apply it over damp, medium-to-tip hair. Let stand for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse with plenty of water. For Abused Hair: The first 2 weeks apply twice a week and continue use 1 time every 15 days For heavily abused hair: Apply the first 2 weeks 3 times a week, and apply once a week.


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2018-01-03 09:31:29
Acabo de comprarla por primera vez y de momento el resultado es satisfactorio. Me hidrata , me deja el pelo suave y con muy buen olor. lo que no he notado es el efecto volumen ya que yo tengo el cabello muy fino y realmente eso no lo he notado. pero aun así por lo demás me gusta como mascarilla.
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