WUG - WUGUM Multivit Chewing Gum

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WUG - WUGUM Multivit E Chewing Gum

Revolutionizing the market, WUGum chewing gums have come to make your life easier. It is an INSTANT absorption system of certain NATURAL vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. Each line covers a specific need and thanks to its chewing gum format, the active ingredients are instantly assimilated through the oral mucosa. Get the result you are looking for instantly with WUGum chewing gums.

Wugum Multivit gum contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system. It is made up of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin H, Beta-carotene, Lycopene and Green tea.

The consumption of Wugum Chicle Multivit protects the body against external aggressions and premature aging of the cells. It is recommended to chew 1 gum for 15 minutes so that all the active principles are assimilated. The recommended daily dose is 3 chewing gums.

Vitamin D: Regulates calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood, improving bone mineralization.

Vitamin C: Helps the growth and repair of normal connective tissue, wound healing.

Lycopene: It has antioxidant properties and acts as a cell protector.

Green Tea: Its great antioxidant power protects against free radicals and prevents aging.

Vitamin H: known as biotin, strengthens nails, hair and skin as well as relieves muscle aches.

Beta-carotene: It is essential for normal growth and development, improving the immune system.

Indicated for : improving and strengthening the immune system.

Contains : 10 units.

Vitamin C 80 mg 240 mg 300%
Green Tea is 20 mg 60 mg
Lycopene 2 mg 6 mg
Beta carotene 2 mg 6 mg
Vitamin H (Biotin) 50 μg 150 μg 300%
Vitamin D3 5 μg 15 μg 300%

* Nutritional reference value


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