WUG - WUGUM Solar Gum

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WUG - WUGUM Solar Gum

Revolutionizing the market, WUGum chewing gums have come to make your life easier. It is an INSTANT absorption system of certain NATURAL vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. Each line covers a specific need and thanks to its chewing gum format, the active ingredients are instantly assimilated through the oral mucosa. Get the result you are looking for instantly with WUGum chewing gums.

Wugum Solar gum activates tanning and protects your skin from sun exposure. It is composed of beta carotene, green tea, lycopene, vitamins C, D and H. Enjoy its rich tropical flavor.

The consumption of Wugum Solar Gum prepares the skin to tan, leaving a golden, bright and unified tone. It is recommended to chew the gum before and during sun exposure. The recommended daily dose is up to 3 chewing gums.

Beta-carotene: contains properties that take care of the skin, protecting it against free radicals.

Green tea: prevents aging thanks to its antioxidant power.

Lycopene: reduces tissue damage and aging. Contains antioxidant properties that prevent oxidative stress.

Vitamins C: improves skin health and stimulates collagen synthesis, providing greater elasticity.

Vitamin D: helps keep your skin healthy and improves cell function, provides natural protection during exposure to ultraviolet light.

Vitamin H: known as Biotin, it helps to improve the condition of the skin and hair, promoting their growth and increasing their strength.

Indicated for : activating the skin tanner and protecting it against the harmful effects of sun exposure.

Contains : 10 units.

Vitamin C 80 mg 240 mg 300%
Green Tea 20 mg 60 mg
Beta carotene 2 mg 6 mg
Lycopene 2 mg 6 mg
Vitamin H (Biotin) fifty 150 μg 300%
Vitamin D3 5 15 μg 300%

* Nutritional reference value

Gluten Free - Lactose Free - Not recommended for children or pregnant women.


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