Garnier - Color Herbalia - Vegetable hair dye

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Garnier - Color Herbalia - Hair dye

Color Herbalia, is the first 100% vegetable coloring to give color and vitality to your hair without damaging it. It is formulated with plant ingredients such as henna, indigo, cassia and essential oils so that your hair shows natural and luminous reflections and, in addition, helps cover the first gray hairs.
It is compatible with any colored hair! A true beauty therapy!
Cares for, revitalizes and densifies hair.

To apply it you will need these materials: A non-metallic bowl, a non-metallic brush and hot water.

Before starting:
1. Read the instruction booklet carefully.
2. Wash your hair with shampoo for normal hair, without applying conditioner. Vegetable coloring requires clean hair to adhere well to the hair fiber.
3. Detangle and towel dry your hair. Vegetable coloring should be applied to damp hair.
4. Put on your gloves and let's go!

Prepare the mixture:
1. Open and pour the entire contents of the envelope into a non-metallic bowl. Do not use metal accessories such as tweezers or a brush during the process.
2. Boil the water. Temperature is essential to obtain the desired result.
3. Mix the powders and water with a brush until you get a homogeneous cream. Make sure there is no unmixed coloring powder.

Apply the product:
1. Place a towel on your shoulders and do not remove your gloves during the process
2. Apply the mixture section by section, from root to tip, using gloved hands or a brush to spread it.
3. Massage the product into the hair and collect it with a non-metallic tweezers. Do not keep the mixture that you have left!
4. Cover your hair with the cap and leave it on for the indicated exposure time.
5. Rinse thoroughly.
6. Apply the nourishing treatment generously and leave it on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing again.
7. Dry your hair as usual. The color will evolve over the next 2-3 days, after which you will see the final result: Your hair cared for and full of natural luminous reflections! An advice? Do not wash your hair within 48 hours of application to allow the color to permeate. "

Indicated for : all hair types

Contains :
- Gloves and hat
- 80gr sachet of coloring powder
- Nourishing treatment 60ml
- Instructions for use


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