Vipera - Redness Concealer Magnetic Play Zone - KS08 Red-Out

Redness Concealer Magnetic Play Zone - KS08 Red-Out

Concealer designed to combine as you want in the custom palette Magnetic Play Zone.

Eliminates the problem of red spots and neutralizes the greenThen use a concealer ofskin tone.

With active ingredients such as rice powder, which has strong moisture absorption properties. Light texture facilitate implementation also smooths and softens the skin.

It contains rice wax ensuring a matte effect and velvet finish.

Its spherical powder neutralizes unwanted pigmentation spots and freckles as leaving the skin in excellent condition.

Dimensions: 2.7 x 2.7 cm.

How to Apply: apply to the desired area and blend gently with your fingertips to help natural heat to distribute the product and correct the imperfections and defects of the skin, after the green concealer apply a correction of skin tone.


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