Mustela - Cicastela repair cream

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What is Mustela - Cicastela repairing cream

When a baby is born thousands of questions arise about the products that you can or not use to avoid damaging the skin. At Mustela, we always care about the health of the little ones. This cream helps to repair and regenerate irritated, dry or damaged areas of our baby's delicate skin. It helps to reduce inflammation of bites, wounds or consequences of chickenpox as well as creating a barrier that protects the damaged area, preventing it from occurring again.

How to use Mustela - Cicastela repair cream

Apply the cream to damaged areas or where you want to prevent irritation. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave you feeling greasy or sticky.

Mustela - Cicastela repair cream is indicated for:

It can be used since the baby is born.

Contains : 40 ml

Not tested on animals.


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