Vita Coco - Coconut Oil - 250ml.

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Vita Coco - Coconut Oil - 250ml.

Multi coconut oil. Formulated with coconut oil 100% natural, without physical or chemical process, it preserves all its properties. You can use it to protect your hair to hydrate the face, to nourish your hands ... In terms of beauty, apply with a gentle massage on the face, hands or notice their hair and instantly nourishing and moisturizing effects.

In the kitchen, use it as an alternative to conventional butter or oil.



- Moisturizing the skin

- Ideal as a natural cleanser

- A moisturizing shaving cream

- A whitening natural teeth while maintaining healthy gums

- Lip balm and treatment of cold sores

- Lubricant

- Relieves eczema and mosquito bites

- Avoid rubbing

- Massage Oil

- Hair Conditioner

- It helps to heal nicks and cuts

- Deodorant


And also you can use to make your meals:

- Alternative healthy olive oil and vegetable oil when baking and frying

- The perfect substitute for butter on toast

- Delicious supplement for smoothies

- A healthy way to sweeten your morning coffee


1. It contains a unique combination of fatty acids which give it medicinal properties.

2. Populations that takes a lot of coconut oil are among the healthiest.

3. You can speed up metabolism and lose more fat by producing an increased energy expenditure in the body (compared with long-chain fatty acids).

4. Lauric acid can kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.

5. It can help reduce appetite.

6 fatty acids found in coconut oil are transformed into ketones, which can reduce seizures.

7. You can improve your level of blood cholesterol and reduce the risk of disease.

8. You can protect hair from deterioration and moisturize the skin.

9. The fatty acids present in coconut oil can increase the brain function of Alzheimer's patients.

10. obdominal can make you lose fat.

Certification of organic farming "organic". No chemicals used in the plantations of coconut trees that have been harvested fruits.

Remember that vitacoco passes to a liquid state when it exceeds 23 degrees but still retains all its properties.


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2017-09-17 19:33:38
Me encanta!. El olor es muy agradable y se disfruta mientras lo usas, luego desaparece lo cual también se agradece porque no empalaga, me encanta como aceite corporal y de manos. Contebta de haber descubierto el producto y el hecho de q sea natural es un plus que se agradece.
Purchased products: Vita Coco - Coconut Oil - 250ml.
2017-07-31 09:16:34
genial para pelo y cuerpo
Purchased products: Vita Coco - Coconut Oil - 250ml. Revlon - Uniq One ​​in one hair treatment 150ml
2017-05-17 22:48:01
Vale para todo. Excelente mascarilla e hidratante
Purchased products: Kueshi - Intensive Care Cream SPF15 Vita Coco - Coconut Oil - 250ml.
Ana Maria
2017-05-06 11:36:37
Me ha encantado. Lo he usado para los labios y los deja suaves aunque se absorbe muy rápido. También lo he usado para el pelo, tengo las raíces grasas y aún así me lo he aplicado en todo el pelo, incluidas la raíces y he notado que me regula la grasa y nutre las puntas. Cunde muchísimo.
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2017-01-04 13:10:29
Muy decepcionada. Lo compré principalmente porque tengo un problema importante de labios secos y para nutrir el pelo y me reseca muchísimo mas los labios. Aplico el aceite antes de lavar el pelo sobre los largos y las puntas, lo peino y lo dejo media hora, y después lavo el pelo y aplico mi mascarilla habitual y me da la sensación que tengo las puntas igual de secas, pero que la raíz se me engrasa con mas facilidad todavía.
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2016-07-07 12:29:54
Asqueroso. No lo recomiendo para nada.
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2016-06-22 21:51:06
me encanta el olor !!
Purchased products: Vita Coco - Coconut Oil - 250ml. AGV - Perfect Smoothing Perfect Liss Brush Limited Edition BELOVED - Matte Black
2016-06-07 16:25:24
Es un producto 10! Funciona muy bien
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2016-05-23 21:26:09
Un indispensable !!!!!
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