Vipera - City Fun Blush - 27

Vipera - City Fun Blush - 27

Vipera City Fun Blush - 23 to give skin a fresh sheen.

  • Fresh, natural shades
  • Creates illusion of highlighted cheeks, slimmer face, younger, healthy skin tone
  • Easy application with carrying case and mirror plus wide brush 

Make-up artists’ most essential tool.
Blush gives skin a delicate touch of colourhighlights features and creates a soft, velvety glimpse of beauty to every woman’s face.

Achieve a younger, healthier, more beautiful appearance by reaching for your Blush…. A“girl’s” best friend.

Apply blush sparingly over lightly powdered skin.

The Blush Stick has a creamy texture with a gentle finish . For a healthy , natural freshness - all day.

Weight: 5.5 g.


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