Acnemy - Post Blackhead Mark Corrector Serum - Postzit

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Acnemy - Post Blackhead Mark Corrector Serum - Postzit

And now that the pimple is gone, what do we do with that reddish spot on the skin? No need to worry with Postzit® on hand.

This glycolic acid-based serum minimizes post-pimple marks (hyperpigmentation), improves skin texture, and also unifies its tone. In addition, in case there are any stubborn pimples in the area, its formula contains salicylic acid and quora noni that effectively fight the bacterium p.acnes, which causes acne, preventing it from reproducing and rebalancing the skin microbiome.

The acids contained in this formula are designed with Nichosome®, an exclusive active release system that prevent skin irritation, transport up to 12 times more active than when used freely, and incredibly enhances the effectiveness of its formulas.

Indicated for: Acneic skins

Contains: 30ml


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Suitable for
Acneic Skin

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