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Face make-up

If your goal is getting a professional face make-up, you've come to the right place!

On our website we have a wide range of makeup for the face adapted to every skin type and shape.

Within our category of makeup for face you can find a wide range of pre-makeup, make-up bases, blusher, highlightersbronzing powder, concealers and fixers of all brands.

Make-up according to the type of face

Every person is different and this is certainly also true for the face, that's why it is important to adapt our make-up to our face type.

What types of face exist and which make-up is more suitable for each one? Here are some tips depending on the shape of your face.

Oval, oblong or elongated faces

Darken the chin area, under the nose and forehead to make the face shorter.

Round face

For a round face the ideal is to enhance the cheekbones to refine the features.

Square face

The main tip if you have an oval face, apply foundation in the same tone as your skin and then a few dark touches on the jaw area.

Triangle, inverted triangle or diamond-shaped face

Darken the sides of your face and apply highlighter on the temples and jawline - the perfect make-up!

Heart-shaped face

If you want to enhance your cheeks even more, apply blusher on them and that's it!

Face make-up order

The order in which we make up our face is important and this depends on a good result in our make up, the order you should follow if you want a makeup with a professional result is as follows:

Prebase of makeup or primer: The prebase of makeup or primer is the first step for a professional makeup. Thanks to the primer our make-up will be fixed better and in addition it will help us to conceal other imperfections and redness of our skin.

Foundation: Foundation should not be missing in our make-up bag, it can also be replaced by BB Cream or CC Cream for daytime make-up.

Blusher: To give colour to our cheeks, blusher is our best ally.

Highlighters and bronzer: To give light to your face and a more tanned tone, illuminators and bronzers are perfect.

Concealers: Dark circles? bags? acne marks? Now you can hide them with our concealers for dark circles and imperfections!

Fixers: Keep your make-up in place all day long! Now it's possible to keep your make-up intact for 24 hours thanks to make-up fixers.

How to prepare the face before make-up

Always cleanse first! Before starting with face make-up it is essential to prepare the face first with a proper facial routine and cleansing.

To find out how to prepare your face before make-up go to our Korean cosmetic routine blog.

How to apply make-up step by step

To apply make-up step by step, after a good facial cleansing and moisturising comes the choice of primer.

With a good choice of primer, we make sure to blur minor imperfections, while preparing our face for make-up and helping to make it last longer.

Secondly, we must apply the foundation, if we want it to be lighter we can use BB Cream or CC Cream.

Thirdly, concealer - no dark circles and spots!

Fourthly, to enhance certain features and cheeks, use highlighter and blusher.

Finally, a good make-up fixer so that it lasts all day long.

Now we have our make-up ready!

Make-up for face during the day and facial make-up for night: Differences

It is clear that we use a different make-up for the face than the one we use for the night, this is due to the fact that, in the day make-up, due to the exposure to the sun, it is recommended to use make-up without brightness, natural and simple for daily use. 

If it is for a daytime event and a more elaborate make-up is required, the ideal is the use of nude, warm, pink or even neutral tones, giving colour with the lips, for example.

Evening make-up is characterised by being more striking, in order to compensate for the lack of light, using accessories such as false eyelashes, more striking eye shadows and a more pronounced make-up.

Is it possible to go from day make-up to evening make-up?

Yes! We give you the steps to follow to transform your day make-up into evening make-up. If you have only applied mascara in the morning, follow the steps below:

1. Add a base shadow on the eyelid

2. Line the lashes with a black pencil and blend.

3. Line the lower waterline

4. Apply mascara

5. Touch up your face make-up and highlight your cheekbones with blusher.

6. Turn up your lip colour and your evening make-up is ready!

Buy makeup for face, How to choose well our facial makeup?

Buy makeup for face has never been so easy, when we come to the choice of the foundation or the illuminator is all a Russian roulette and we are never sure to get it right, we know it well! That is why, in Maquilleo we put at your disposal a wide range of facial makeup, but how to choose well our makeup for the face?

For a good choice of facial makeup, it is important to be clear about the characteristics of our skin.

There are 5 main types of skin:

Mixed skin

The mixed skin is characterised by impurities and greasy shine in the T zone of the face and the cheeks usually present a drier skin.

For its care it is essential to use products suitable for mixed skin and to use lukewarm water instead of very hot or very cold water.

Dry skin

This type of skin is characterised by a lack of moisture and oil, being less elastic and tighter, with a tendency to itch. Its appearance is rough and flaky, and it is sensitive to external agents. It is therefore important to use sunscreen, choose products rich in moisture and drink water.

Normal skin

Normal skin has small, smooth pores, good elasticity and circulation and a pinkish tone. For its care it should be gently exfoliated, facial cream should be applied with small massages, thus promoting circulation, and a specific cream routine should be added.

Oily skin

Oily skin is characterised by large pores, shine and is prone to impurities.

It is appropriate to use antibacterial products and to cleanse with products for mixed skin.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is susceptible to external factors, itchy and tends to redden and can become tight. It is important to use make-up according to this skin type.

These skin types are not mutually exclusive, but there are also acne-prone skin types, mature skin types and atopic skin types for which make-up is exclusively suitable.

Once we know our skin type, it is time to choose, among others, the foundation for which we must take into account what coverage we want, the duration of the same, the texture of the base and the tone of your skin, to choose the illuminator we must follow the same steps as for the base. We leave you our blog to help you identify the undertone of your skin and to choose your right shade of highlighter.

Fantasy Make-up for the face

Costumes, carnival, Halloween, summer parties, concerts, festivals, and you, for what occasion do you use makeup of fantasy for the face? In Maquilleo you can find the fantastic brand of PaintGlow, with a wide catalogue of makeup fantasy both for the face and for the body.