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The Lipstick Maquilleo

There are many types of lipsticks and you can use them in different ways depending on how you have your day or how is the shape of your lips. Discover within the makeup the wonderful world of lipsticks in Maquilleo.

Today you have a thousand possibilities as to where lipsticks are concerned, you can choose them according to your format, its texture, its finish or its because of their color. Let's look at some of them.

Red lips have always been seen as the quintessence of feminine beauty. However, as all the basic elements of makeup, the lipstick that you choose does not always give you perfect results and there are many that we have discouraged in front of the purchasing one then not have used to taste. You have to choose according to the color and texture of the skin.

  • The choice of color is right for you can be complicated. In fact there are times that you end up with three or four of the same colour range but none is the perfect one that you wanted.

  • The texture is also very important. Matte or gloss, lipstick or liquid - can drastically change the finish of your look. Find the best texture for each type of skin is not something simple.

The color of your lipstick

To find the range that is ideal for you is to choose colors that go best with your skin tone and the image you're looking for.

Here is a small guide about what are the nuances more appropriate according to the tone of your skin to make your skin look super radiant.

White skin – Tones, pink and red

Skin olive- Brown, red, etc

Skin warm– Oranges, reddish browns

Cool skin - Pink, purple and purple

When you want to try a new tone

When you want to try a new color of lipstick and continue giving a natural look, look for one that looks the most like your skin tone. A shade much lighter than your skin color can give you a look odd on your skin, the contrast tends to be successful.


Any shade of lipstick that has a bluish tone can dull your skin tone. If you have any so apply a little blush around the lips when you put him.

The texture

Great pigmentation and a finish that's hydrating, creamy, are very popular today, but there are many textures to choose from depending on your preference or the occasion.

The textures of the lipsticks are from the matte ultrapigmentados up to the bright coloration translucent.

Lip cream

Lipsticks and cream are perfect for all those that are looking for good coloring-defined and have little time to retouch my makeup throughout the day.

The creamy texture is also a very good option for women with full lips, make lips appear more smooth and firm.

When you use one of good coloration and little translucent tries to add a bit of blush on the cheeks to round off the set color.

Labial Translucent

The lip-gloss or translucent papers make the lips appear more full and juicy. If you want to add dimension to your lips, this is your guy.

As they reflect the light, achieve an effect more subtle and natural. If you like the color red, but you prefer to keep a more natural look test with red one with glitter or translucent.

Labial Matte

The lipsticks are matte they are highly pigmented and intense colors. There are different levels of matt texture but the normal thing is that you do not have anything of brightness. Can be very elegant and incredibly beautiful.

Even so, due to its texture, “dry” they can emphasize the small flaws of your skin, therefore it is important to prepare them before to smooth and soften them.

You can exfoliate gently with a toothbrush and add your balm of choice. It is important that you begin outlining your lips before filling them.

Selection of the best texture according to your skin tone

The color and the firmness of your lips can diminish with the passage of time. If you see that is your case, head over to the good coloration instead of using the translucent or bright.


Before applying your lipstick

Before applying the lipstick accentuates the contour of your lips with a foundation or a concealer. This will help to achieve a perfect finish, even without lip liner.

If you want to adjust the outline of your lips apply a makeup line as thin as possible on the area that you want to fix or cover. If you checker it is easy to move once applied, and will not be very good. A layer of balm will enhance the color of lips, you will prevent the dryness, and therefore also the vertical lines.

Accentuates the contour of your lips

The well-defined contours, are the key when you use a lip safe color.

The secret to a perfectly contoured shape is a brush of lips. The professional artists of make-up cover the brush with the lip color and then organize the bristles before applying. Apply the lip color to the corners to get a finish that's more sophisticated.

To get the best results, use a lip liner to accentuate your contours and improve the duration of the set.


The color is especially important in the center of your lips. Apply a little more color in the center to look more juicy and full.