Gellack - Esmalte de Uñas en gel - SpeedLine - G434

Gellack - Nail-Permanent Nail Polish

Nail gel, its special composition combined with the effect of the lamp, LED light, gives your nails a resistant surface and a bright spectacular, which is held two to three weeks, as the first day. Extremely easy to apply. It is easily removed with nail Polish remover special Gellack. It is necessary to purchase the starter Kit Gellack.

You must keep in mind that with the cold or the changes of temperature the solvents of the enamel can be separated from the pigments and appear perqueños grumitos. Therefore, before using the glaze gives it a couple of turns with the brush to mix well and acquires its original texture.


You must not use Gellack in the following cases:

- If you have allergy to acrylates. These products can cause an allergic reaction. The risk can occur when you expose the skin to the liquid products Gellack Base, Top and/or Colour before hardening
- If you have previously suffered an allergic reaction to any similar product.
- If you are biting down your nails, or you have very short, because it is difficult to apply the product if your nail is shorter than the skin of the fingertip.
- If your cuticles are broken or damaged or if you have nails in poor condition (thin, dry, or games).
- If you're under the age of sixteen years.

Contains: 5 ml.

Cruelty Free - Not tested on animals.


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