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Face creams and serums

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Showing 25-48 of 1964 item(s)

Take care of your face and moisturize your skin

The care of our skin is paramount. Our face, specifically, is the first thing we see of ourselves. Therefore, having a thorough and quality care will improve your day to day and your health. In Maquilleo we offer you for your face care, creams and serum. Both products are ideal to revitalize your appearance, give light to your skin and improve your face.

What is a facial serum for?

In Maquilleo we have a wide variety of facial serum to adapt to any type of skin and need. The quality of our products is unbeatable and prices are always aimed at any pocket.

With the facial serum the results when it comes to moisturizing and caring for your skin are multiplied since its concentration of active components can be double that of any daily cream. It is recommended that the serum, even if it is mainly aimed at the face, also be applied to the neck and neckline.

Do face creams no longer work?

Negative. At Maquilleo we know that each person's skin is different and, therefore, needs a specific type of face care product. Facial creams are nutritious, regenerate our skin and moisturize our face. If you notice your dehydrated skin, a cream may be your ideal solution. In addition, these products have a long duration and are absorbed quickly.