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prebase ojos primer en Maquilleo

Primer eyes in Maquilleo

If you still don't consider the importance of the use of a primer for eyes before applying your makeup, you're committing an error of enormous dimensions.

If you don't have time for this crucial step or you think that you can pass without it, keep in mind that experts recommend it to prevent the makeup from melting. Take 10 seconds to apply the first eye and save yourself five minutes cleaning the spots of eyeliner on your eyelids or retocándote the color.

To avoid this kind of mishaps of makeup, in Maquilleo we bring you the best prebases of eyes to keep your eye makeup as fresh as at the time in which it is applied.

But to begin with What is a primer for the eyes?

Although the ultimate aim is that you keep all day your eye shadow, the first eye is a product multi-purpose. They can come in shades that blend with your skin or blank, the latter is used more for eye shadows in colors more vibrant.

Why use a primer?

Some women use either their first face as the first of eyes and consider that they are doing well, but the primer makeup base only tend to help it apply better and the result more uniform. The primer for the eyes helps the shadow adhere to the eyelid, it stays on the site and also avoid the expression lines on the eyelid.

There are five major reasons to consider the use of a primer of eyes on your makeup routine

Prepares the eyelid

The first eye prepares the eyelid for the application of your eye shadow of your choice and allows it to keep for a longer time. In addition, if you are going to mix colors, this product provides a perfect canvas for applying and mix.

For the skin tone

The basis of eyes is also used even ara match the color of the skin and conceal skin discolorations. It is useful for people with eyelids of shades more dark or discolorations, which is often something hereditary. It can also help you to cover the visible veins.

Intensifies the color

The prebases make the color stand out and look much more vibrant. Some shadows, especially those formulated in powder are lighter in color that what you see in the palette. This problem is enlarged in people with deeper skin tones. The first of eyes it will help to get more colour.

Barrier between the skin and the makeup

The prebases of eyes also act as a barrier between the skin makeup. This is good for the skin, especially for skins with a tendency to fat because it keeps the oil of the skin away from the eye shadow, helping to prevent feathering, or staining.

To avoid that quarter and manche

The first aid especially in hot and humid climates because it prevents color fading due to moisture. It can also help prevent wrinkles characteristic of the normal movements of the eyes.

How to apply the primer eyes

Just spread a small amount of primer all over the eyelid with your fingers mix and the brow bone. Try to eat up to the lash line.

Mix evenly using a brush, concealer brush or a foundation makeup.
You can also use the primer under the eye if you're going to add color on the lower lash line.

Leave one or two minutes for the primer to dry completely before putting the shade. At this time you can continue with your makeup routine and leave the eyes for last.

As you can see the primer of eyes you are going to do a great role in your day-to-day or for special occasions. Makes your eye shadow last longer, it vibrates more and has a much smoother finish. But not only that because it also prevents the natural folds of your eyes ruin your super look of the night (or day).

There are makeup artists and professionals who consider the first general and the first of eyes in particular one of the best inventions in the world of makeup of all time.

Why? In addition to everything you already have said, because you can also use it for more than just your eyes. Product is a multipurpose that can do wonders when are used in other parts of the face. Do you want to know how?

Under the eyes

When you use it under the eyes the first can serve several purposes. For a part that prevents your concealer from creasing with your lines of expression and also makes it last longer. Given that the technology behind the primers of eyes prevents your eye shadow to be marked with slight wrinkles natural of your eyelids, under your eyes, the same principle applies. And as the shadows adhere better, your concealer will also do.

In the eyebrows

Have you ever looked at the face at the end of the day and you have seen that your powder makeup eyebrows has fallen and you is staining certain areas of the face? Well, that's not going to happen if you put a light primer eyes in the eyebrows. Take very little amount and it passes the finger over your eyebrows. Let it dry and then apply the powder. Boom!!! Your eyebrows perfect all day.

In the shins

As if blackheads or those pimples rebels were not already sufficiently odious, on top of the corrector and the base seems to not want to stay never on them throughout the day. Put a light primer for eyes in the top of the granite before the base and / or concealer and then apply powder. This will ensure that they will be hidden and under control until you take off the makeup.

In the lines of expression around the mouth

As your skin matures it is inevitable that the lines of expression that appear at the side of the mouth. When you use liquid foundation, the product tends to settle in these areas throughout the day because of the oil that we produce and the facial movement. Spread a little first on these lines before you apply your foundation you will help to that this does not happen.

On the lips

Today there's a first for everything, even for the lips. But in cases of trouble, a primer for eyes will be enough to do the same role. Make sure that your lips are well hydrated and apply a small amount before liner and lipstick to prevent the color flaking off or smudging and help it last much longer.

So now you know everything that you can do with this wonderful product.

First eye, we want you!