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There are many types of lipstick and Maquilleo you have them all. They are part of the quintessence of feminine beauty. And with so many at your fingertips it can be difficult to find the most suitable. Here's a small guide on the types that you can find in Maquilleo and also how to make the most of them. So choose the ones you like and play with them.

Use them according to your mood or shape of your lips.

You already know that not all lipsticks are created equal and you have a great variety of products with effects and different characteristics. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the color the texture and the way you apply it that best suits you.


Tips to find the best lipstick

Yes, we know that red lips are a classic. However the makeup more classic, can be difficult to use with flawless results. We've all tried to imitate a color of a celebrity and the results had nothing to do.

In addition, with so many types, colours, finishes and formats can be difficult to find the one that best suits you according to the color and texture of your skin

The choice of the correct color can be a little tricky. You may want a pink color, but... why pink? That's it.

The texture – either matte, gloss, in bar or liquid – can radically change the finish and also your whole look. It is not easy to the choice of color. Here are some tricks to choose the most suitable for you.

The right color

To find your color palette ideal is to choose colors that go best with your skin tone and also think about the image that you want to achieve. Here are some simple guidelines for the colors that best left to each individual skin type. Anyway all is to test.

– White skin Pink, red

Skin Sallow - Brown, red

Skin warm – Oranges, reddish browns

Cool skin – Pink, Purple

Try a new color of lipstick

To maintain a natural look when you choose a new color, try to choose a tone similar to the natural color of your skin. Remember that a lighter color that your skin can generate an effect heavy on your skin. Sometimes the contrasts are a wiser choice.

Tip: Any lipstick with a bluish tone can dull your skin. To illuminate your face using a bit of blush around the lips.


The best Texture

1. Moisturizing

If you have a tendency to dry your lips should use a lip balm that will moisturize as it helps keep them soft and smooth. These lipsticks moisturizing thanks to ingredients like vitamin E, glycerin and aloe. Another of its benefits is that it keeps your lips moist and with a lovely glow.

2 Satin and semi-transparent

Other options for dry lips – and for all those who like this finish - is a satin finish or semi-transparent. These lipsticks also moisturize and nourish the lips and add brightness. The lipsticks glossy or semi-have a component of oil so that normal appear darker in the container than they are when applying them. Note: you'll have to reaplicarlo each bit time.

3 Matte

The lipsticks are matte they are perfect for women who seek rich color and pleasant. These lipsticks generating effect of lips “Flat” and not shiny. Your lips may look softer and younger with a lipstick matte. Also it is recommended to combine products with vitamin E and aloe if you use this type of lipsticks.

4 Creamy

It is recommended that these lipsticks for women who have small lips. The creamy are not as bright and has a smoothing effect on the lips. You can use a shine after you apply it if you wish. The creamy have more amount of beeswax to protect the lips, but can also create the effect of lips dry.

5 Pearl and frosted

This type of lipstick brightens your lips like almost none. They reflect the light and get a very special. It is recommended to apply a little balm before applying it, as it can generate a effect heavy and dry on your lips.

6 Gloss

The lip gloss is very popular among the girls with thin lips and small, that shine the lips and enhance the dimension of depth. The lip gloss, you can apply it after your lipstick as normal.


The best way to apply it

Before you apply it

Before applying it accentuates the contours of your lips with foundation or concealer. This will give you a better finished look even without lip liner. If you want to adjust the outline of your lips apply a basis makeup as thin as possible on the areas that you want to cover. Do not overdo applying base corrector because it can penetrate into the cracks of your lips and doing that is ugly.

A layer of balm before the lipstick will enhance the color, you will prevent the dryness, and hide the vertical lines.

Accentuates the contour of your lips

The well-defined contours, are the key when using a lipstick with high pigmentation. The secret of a contour of lips perfect is the use of the brush. If you are using one intense color make sure to apply it until the end of the commissures of the lips for a finish that is sophisticated and very nice.

To get the best results, use a lip liner to accentuate the contours of the lips and enhance color retention.