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Showing 25-48 of 207 item(s)

Buy makeup primer

If you are looking for where to buy your makeup primer online and at the best price you're in the right place!

What is a makeup primer?

The makeup primer, also known as prebase of makeup is a fundamental element at the time of starting with your makeup as it helps to even out the skin of the face and give your makeup a professional finish.

Foundation primer is applied before foundation to prepare the skin. Applying a foundation primer before foundation and eye contouring prepares the skin and helps to make your make-up last longer and refine fine lines on the face.

Which primer to buy for your skin type?

Buy foundation for oily skin

Makeup primer for oily skin is designed for oily skin that tends to be shiny, especially in the T-zone.

These primers are oil-free and usually have a matte finish to prevent shine.

Buy makeup primer for dry skin

The perfect makeup primer for dry skin is definitely one with a moisturising factor.

To avoid flaking of the skin when applying makeup, when it is very dry, it is advisable to apply a makeup primer that is moisturizing, whose finish is luminous, thus avoiding that the skin dries out and suffers also spoiling the makeup.

Buy make-up primer for mixed skin

Without a doubt, mixed skins are those that have the greatest variety of choice when it comes to buying a make-up primer.

If your skin is mixed you can choose between buying a matte or illuminated primer without worrying about the finish, it will be perfect! 

For mixed skin, from Maquilleo we recommend our primer Dermacool MATT Control, it is always a success!

Buy makeup primer for normal skin

Like the mixed skin, normal skin are those who have a wider range of choice when it comes to making the purchase of your makeup primer.

For this skin type, a smoothing primer is recommended to further extend the longevity of your make-up.

Buy primer for sensitive skin

If your skin is sensitive, the key to choosing which primer to buy is the ingredients in it.

It is essential that this is made in the most natural way possible, always looking for it to be without added oils and without any ingredient that can alter the state of the skin of your face.

Buy Makeup primer for mature skin

Mature skin needs more protection as well as hydration, which is why buying a make-up primer like Dermacol's incredible Gold Anti-Wrinkle primer is the perfect choice.

Silicone and silicone-free foundation primers

Should I buy my foundation primer with or without silicone? This is one of the most common questions when it comes to buying our make-up primer, and as we always say, you need to look at your skin!

If you have oily skin, with a lot of acne or sensitive, the ideal is to use a silicone-free primer, looking for it to be water-based, if on the contrary, your skin is mixed or normal and you are looking to apply the makeup primer easily, the ideal is a makeup primer with silicones as the Primer Base of Wibo.

What primer to buy depending on the effect you want to achieve

Depending on the effect you want to give your makeup you must take into account the different colours and types of makeup primer that you can buy.

There are foundations of makeup to smooth the pores of the face, to attenuate the imperfections of the face, to bring luminosity to our complexion even to control the annoying shine of the zone T.

Depending on what your goal is, the foundation that you should buy will vary, we tell you some of the most common foundations of makeup and its usefulness.

Buying foundation to minimise pores

To minimize the pores is advisable to buy primer or prebase of makeup white or translucent, in Maquilleo we recommend the prebase smoothing Technic and the prebase of Maybeline Master prime in white.

Buy primer of makeup to bring light

To bring light and juiciness to the skin of your face the perfect purchase will undoubtedly be a prebase of makeup red, with lilac or pale pink finish, even some primers of makeup transparent can also achieve this effect, one of the brands of prebase makeup best known in this case is undoubtedly the Maybeline Master prime.

Buy makeup primer to cover pimples.

If your skin has pimples that you need to disguise, without a doubt, the green colour of makeup primer you must buy!

Although there are also translucent make-up primers that achieve this result, Maybeline's Master Prime is one of our favourites to achieve this.

Buy anti-spot make-up primer

If you have mature or blemish-prone skin, the coral or peach-toned primer helps to conceal those blemishes.

In addition to all these specific functions, one intrinsic function of using primer that stands out above all others is its ability to set after foundation application, so by buying your primer you can make sure your foundation stays perfect for much longer!

Buy foundation primer for skin with yellowish undertones

If your skin has a yellowish tinge, it is advisable to use a mauve or violet primer, as these will help to correct the colour of your skin and achieve the desired finish.

Which make-up primer brands to buy?

If you're looking for a perfect make up and don't know which primer to start with, here are some recommendations!

Some of the best known brands of makeup primer are:

Max Factor makeup primer

Among the most popular Max Factor found the Facefinity All day primer, with sun protection factor 20, helps to keep your makeup for much longer.

If your skin is oily, another option is the Miracle Prep Prime pore minimising + mattifying, which as its name suggests, leaves a matte finish, minimising pores.

L'Oreal Paris make-up primer

Another of the best-known brands of low-cost makeup primer that leaves a professional finish is undoubtedly L'Oreal Paris.

Within this brand we can find the smoothing primer Infallible Matte, suitable for all skin types or the Infaillible super grip version for oily and combination skin.

Nyx Professional Makeup primer

Nyx is an affordable brand, oriented to professional makeup, within this brand you can buy makeup foundations at a good price and quality as the Angel Veil indicated for all skin types or the Bare with me with SPF 30 indicated for dry faces.

Wibo Primer

Among the low-cost primers, we find the Primer Base primer that offers a soft result of the skin and is silicone-based.

Dermacol, your low-cost foundation primer

And finally, one of the brands with options of prebases low cost for each type of complexion, Dermacol, where we find its prebase of makeup Matt Control of which we have spoken previously, for oily skins, as well as the prebase of makeup Dermacol Satin for all types of skins.

How do I apply the primer?

Before applying the make-up primer it is important to have cleansed the skin, first of all we must wash our face.

Then, continue with our usual routine, using our moisturiser and eye contour cream and then apply the make-up primer.

This can be applied with a sponge or with your fingertips, ideally only on the T-zone but if your face needs it, you can apply it just as you do with your normal moisturiser.

And you're ready to start your make-up!

Buy primer of makeup in Maquilleo

To buy your makeup primer you just have to enter in and choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you have questions or do not know exactly what makeup primer to buy you can write to or in our social networks where you can find us as @maquilleo and we will solve them.