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Buy foundation makeup

Are you looking to buy your foundation makeup, don't know where to start? Maquilleo is here to help!

The main product of a good makeup should be the base. This cosmetic product, first of all, must meet quality standards as those that we have in Maquilleo. With its application you will get that will enhance your skin tone, the expression and improve the appearance to the naked eye.

The makeup base is mainly used to hide blemishes, imperfections or marks that you want to hide. It is also a good ally to achieve the perfect make-up. If you use a base of makeup of quality as those that we have in Maquilleo, the end result will be perfect.

What foundation makeup to buy? Tips to buy the best foundation makeup

Before you buy your makeup base, we invite you to follow the following tips:

Choose the texture of the foundation make up according to your skin type, for example, if your skin is oily or has shine, it would be ideal to choose a powder foundation as you can find on our website.

It is important that you always choose ingredients that are suitable for your skin type, for example, if your skin is too dry, it would be advisable to buy a foundation with oily and moisturising ingredients.

Avoid a mask effect by choosing a foundation that matches your skin tone. If you're looking for a darker finish, you can use a bronzing powder.

A foundation makeup with other properties? we say yes! choose a moisturising, mattifying, pore-smoothing foundation... in short, the best one for your face.

Buy a foundation makeup with a sun protection factor. If you don't use moisturising cream with sun protection, it's important that your foundation does contain it to protect your face from radiation, and remember, you need to protect yourself from the sun even if it's cloudy!

If you are not going to use it a lot, it is important to choose a small size because once opened, the foundation expires in a year.

Buy foundation makeup according to your skin type

Every skin type is special! And that's why every skin type needs specific care with specific products, and foundation is no exception.

Before you buy your foundation, think, what type of skin do you have?

Buy foundation makeup for oily skin

If the skin of your face is oily, it is important to buy a foundation according to this, but what foundation to buy for oily skin?

Finding one that will last all day and won't cause your face to shine is a difficult task, but not impossible!

Our advice is to choose a fluid foundation, with a watery texture and matte finish, although the most recommended format for oily skin is powder.

One of our recommendations is Clinique's Anti Blemish Liquid Found by Clinique.

Buy foundation makeup for dry skin

When you have dry skin, moisturiser is a must, there's no doubt about it!

But when it comes to buying a foundation for dry skin, our advice is to choose one, preferably in a liquid or creamy texture, with an oil base and built-in moisturiser, it will prevent your face from drying out and you'll have the perfect make-up!

One of our recommendations is Maybelline's Dream Radiant Liquid.

Buying foundation makeup for mature skin

When buying foundation for mature skin it is important that we look for a shade that is not overly covering but will help us to treat wrinkles and blemishes on the face, it is also important to apply sunscreen.

Buy foundation for normal skin

Here the choice is simple, you can choose the foundation you prefer!

Buy foundation makeup for mixture skin

Just like for oily skin, foundation for combination skin should be fluid and watery with a matte finish to avoid shine in the T-zone, which is usually the oiliest area of the face.

Buy foundation makeup for acne-prone skin

For skin with acne, without doubt the most recommendable are non-comedogenic foundations.

These are those foundations that do not contain ingredients that clog pores, in addition, you should also look for an oil free foundation, as for oily skin, it is important not to add more oil to the face with the foundation.

What shades of foundation makeup can I buy and how do I choose the right one?

We show you the steps to follow to know your ideal shade of make up foundation.

Know your skin undertone, for example, if your veins are blue or purple, your undertone is pink.

Choose several shades and try them on your neck and wrist, and compare them all.

Now pick the one that best suits your skin and you've got it!

Types of makeup foundation

Your skin type, the coverage and finish you want and your makeup skills will be determining factors when choosing which type of foundation to buy.

Buying powder makeup foundation

Before buying a powder foundation you should distinguish whether you prefer a compact powder foundation or a mineral powder foundation.

The make up foundations of compact powders are indicated for skins with few imperfections, have more tones and can be found in different degrees of coverage. Applying this type of foundation will give your skin a velvety complexion.

On the other hand, the foundations of makeup of mineral powder are indicated above all for oily skins, they are more uncomfortable for its application that the foundations of makeup in compact powder since they require a specific brush, the kabuki brush.

If you have decided to buy your powder foundation, visit our website and discover the right one for you.

Buying liquid makeup foundation

Buying a liquid foundation is betting on the classic formula, always a sure hit.

Liquid foundations are perfect for evening out skin tone and can be moisturising or matte.

Our favourite is Catrice's Liquid Coverage!

Buying mousse or cream foundation

This format is recommended to achieve a velvety complexion, leaving a natural finish.

They are not recommended for oily skin as they are not easily absorbed, want to choose yours? Do it in our section of cream´s makeup foundations.

Buying stick or stick foundations

Stick foundations are not as well known as liquid foundations but they are a convenient format to use, saving time and space.

This type of format was previously used mainly in theatre and television but lately stick foundations are gaining more and more prominence.

They are recommended for all skin types and can be applied directly to the face, blending with a brush for a lighter finish or with a sponge for more coverage.

When it comes to buying your foundation, Maybelline is always a good choice, and our favourite is the Superstay.

Buying BB Cream and CC Cream.

BB Cream combines moisturiser and foundation, it's a hybrid type of foundation, much lighter than the rest and therefore has less coverage.

Some of the most recommended BB creams are the Dermacol BB Magic Beauty Cream.

The CC Cream, on the other hand, has the same benefits as the BB Cream but provides greater coverage.

Buying Cushion Foundation

If you love to innovate and break with tradition, cushion foundation is a must-buy!

It is the latest revolution in makeup, it is a format with a microporous encapsulated sponge, which distributes a liquid foundation.

Unlike other make-up foundations, it is a liquid foundation in compact form which makes it more practical, in addition, it provides a natural finish to the face.

It is suitable for all skin types, our favourite is undoubtedly Avene Couvrance.

Are you unsure about which foundation to buy? You can find more information in our post on types of foundation.

How to apply the foundation?

Once we have chosen the right shade and format to buy our foundation, the next step is to know how to apply it.

First of all, the skin of our face must be clean to avoid clogged pores that can cause imperfections in the makeup.

The next step is to apply our moisturiser, especially if our skin is dry, it is important to hydrate it as much as possible.

In case the foundation we use has a built-in sun protection factor, applying our facial sunscreen is optional.

Next, apply your primer or pre-makeup base, on our website we also explain how to apply it.

And finally, your make up foundation.

To apply your foundation correctly be careful, start by applying a small amount of foundation and add as needed.

The goal is to apply where it's needed and to keep the skin looking natural, if you have to apply it all over your face you're using the wrong shade!

Start by applying foundation from the centre of the face, where redness and blemishes are most noticeable, outwards.

Apply on each side of the nose, in the centre of the forehead and on the chin and from these areas, blend the foundation over the parts of the face that need it.

If, after blending, there is any other part of the face where coverage is needed, you can add a little more - remember to blend on the neck and ears too!

To blend, it's important to press lightly and don't rub, whether you do it with your fingertips or with a make-up brush.

Apply powder and concealer only where needed, and your make-up is ready!

What's the best foundation for high coverage?

Do you have an important event and are looking for a high coverage foundation?

Meet the high coverage foundation they use on TV, the wonderful Make up Cover by Dermacol.

If you are looking to buy a makeup base to use it regularly, this makeup base is not recommended because it is a very consistent base, if on the contrary, it is for special occasions, no doubt it is the right one!

It is also water resistant, hypoallergenic and has a sun protection factor of 30, all in one!

Another option is Estée lauder's long-wear Double wear. It is a fluid foundation, with sun protection factor 10.

Buying in Maquilleo the best foundations of makeup low cost

If you're a hunter of bargains, we bring you the best foundations of makeup low cost:

Foundation of makeup Mousse Soft Touch of Essence

Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation by Maybelline

Acnecover by Dermacol, the perfect foundation option for acne-prone skin.

Have you ever heard of a primer or pre-makeup base?

It's the first step in make-up! It helps your make-up last longer and prepares your skin for foundation. Visit our foundation primer´s web category and choose your favourite!