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Showing 1-24 of 738 item(s)

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Makeup brushes in Maquilleo

The majority of the makeup brands have their own range of brushes brushes to complement their products. It has always been said that a good makeup product is not much without a good brush or a brush to apply it.

Before, buy a good brush was expensive, but in Maquilleo, we have a big selection to get everything you need to buy makeup cheap online and always of high quality.

You can buy the set of brushes full of your favorite brand or and combining according to preferences. So if you don't know what it is that you need to make a contouring perfect here is a guide to the types of brushes that are there and also recommendations of use.

Make-up brush liquid

As its name indicates, this make-up brush is designed to achieve a smooth finish and free from debris when you apply your liquid foundation. The bristles are compacted and usually have a tapered tip perfect for application of liquid products.

Wet the brush in warm water and press on a towel or paper to remove the excess water, so you'll achieve a more equitable distribution. You can also combine it with the use of a makeup sponge like the beauty blender.

Healing brush

Soft bristles in this brush with a wider base and a sharp tip. Use this makeup brush to apply the concealer under the eyes and also for difficult areas such as broken capillaries, spots or areas of discoloration.

Make-up brush dual fiber

Made from synthetic fibers sometimes combined with natural hair goat this brush is ideal for polishing the result and mixing the color. The round head and flat provides a coverage light both of a liquid such as cream or powder. Is used to blend the blush on the apples of your cheeks or to give you a light layer of illuminating powders in cheek, and the bones of the forehead.

Brush tanning

This make-up brush is soft, chubby and rounded and you can use it for both powder compact for touch of bronzer. The bristles pick up and distribute the perfect amount of color without saturating the skin. Grab color with the powder and shake off the excess from the brush before applying it on the skin.

Powder brush mineral

A brush that has a thick and compact that you can use both wet and dry conditions. This make-up brush is an expert in getting a result, polishing with the mineral powder on your skin and leave it perfect. Apply in small motion in a circular for a professional finish.

Brush range

Created for your powders are perfect on your skin. This make-up brush sweep a small layer of powder on skin for a gentle effect and velvety. This technique avoids the heavy coverage that you can get to make more of your lines of expression and imperfections. These brushes are also used to remove excess powder after the application of the eye shadow.

Brush blush

Made with soft fibers brush or a brush blush has a rounded head and is perfect to give a touch of color to the apples of the cheeks. Sweep and blend along the cheekbone up to the hairline.

Contour brush

Beveled and rounded this make-up brush mimics the angles of your cheekbones. It is ideal for highlighting and shading with bronzer or illuminating powder. You can use it with cream, gel or powder to get a finished, sculpted, defined and dramatic.

Brush eyes

Large, flat, short and dense for an excellent coverage. The soft bristles have a beveled edge for a smooth application, and without the effect of drag on the eyelid. Use it to apply all kinds of color.

Angle brush for eye shadow

Long, round and tapered. This brush is perfect for highlighting the eye socket. Just keep gently line between the bone and the eyelid upward and downward along the natural crease. So you are building depth of color.

Brush for blending eye shadow

Use this light brush to blend colors on the eyes and highlight the brow bone.
Eye liner brush fine nib
The tip is extra thin-this brush applies the liquid eyeliner and the gel in a precise way.

You can achieve the perfect line in a single pass or use the tip to dot between the lashes and get a more subtle effect.

Eye liner brush flat

This small makeup brush allows you to apply the liner deep into the lash line for a look more rich and distinctive. Brush gently upwards to soften and blend the line into smoky eyes.

Brush sponge

You have many probabilities to find them at the other end of the pencils eyeliners. The tip of foam is used to soften the hard line of eyeliner giving a finish is smoked. The larger you can also use them to apply eye shadow.

Brush beveled definition eyebrows

This make-up brush is commonly used to define and fill brows for a look that's wonderfully symmetrical. The bristles are stiff and angled for precise control. Apply powder, liquid or cream in short strokes mimicking the hair. Fill in scattered areas, give definition, and extends for some perfect eyebrows.

Spiral eyebrow

Ideal for taming those hairs rebels of the eyebrows. The stiff bristled brush and gently give shape to your eyebrows. Comb your eyebrows upward and oriéntalas outward so that your eyebrows are perfectly shaped.

Brush lip liner

The tip sculpted from a good brush of the lips is perfect to achieve a line impeccable in the application of your lipstick. The bristles should be short and firm for controlled application.

Cleaner brushes

Do not forget to clean your brushes. Sure you don't want to spend buying makeup brushes high quality and not be able to keep them clean and in good condition.

Brushes for liquid foundation, powder or lipstick should be cleaned after every use to avoid bacteria and therefore to encourage the care of your skin. Brushes for powder and blush you can clean them once a week. Remember this, the brushes in need of a cleaner to stay perfect for a long time.

Sets of brushes

Of course if you are one of those that wants everything you have fantastic sets in Maquilleo. Become a professional!